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  1. Who to sell out of Werner and Gnabry? Who has a higher potential?
  2. Jorginhio+Kimmich for Thiago Alcantara ? Is it a fair deal ? Alcantara or the duo?
  3. Could u please list out players who are in for a very big rise by the next review? Have 600 K left . Trying to make some money in a very competitive gameworld.
  4. Keep or sell Rafa Silva( Benfica)?
  5. @arsenalrocs @Sir Rahul Suso, berrarddi ,Joaquin Correa, Lucas vasquez, Sabitzer, Sarabia, Poulsen, Jovetic Could u please rank them based on potential ? Need to find a replacement for B.keita. Window closes tommorow. Sorry for the trouble.
  6. I had signed Balde Keita from a manged club for his base price a day before his rating change to 90. 5 days later the player has vanished from my squad and moved back to the club i had got him from and was offered a compensation of 10 M. Can someone explain how can this possibly happen ? Did someone report the deal or is this some kind of glitch in the game?
  7. Ok. How about Veltman or D.Vida? Who has better chances of a rating rise? Vida or Dost?
  8. Can u suggest a young goalkeeper under 3 mil who has a potential to reach 85+ soon and a potential of 90+ in the future. Here is my current shortlist: Posavec,Battala, MITRYUSHKIN,Blanco,WELLENREUTHER,BERNARDONI,Semper. Could u suggest any other prospect? Meret and Dragowski taken.
  9. Almany toure ,TBaumgatrl ,St.Juste or R.Duarte?
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