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  1. Re: Italian rating predictions if u are looking why del piero rised, u can go to his thread and maybe you'll find number of justified reasons.. agree that gila shoud have rised.. i think chiellini's rating is fair now.. he is easily the best italian defender now, starter for his club and Nt.. italy has always been famous for their great defenders.. and when best italian defender is rated 93.. that means that something is wrong.. so 94 is fair for his quality.
  2. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings trezeguet played only few games this year and he stayed, i can't beleive.. while amauri and molinaro played every single game.. and there's no rise.. i hope it's yet to be done...
  3. Re: Alex Del Piero, Unfair Rating!!! :D cool.. we've done it!
  4. juvefan10

    Unbeaten runs.

    Re: Unbeaten runs. 14 games.. in top division with juve.. eventually finished as a winner of both, shiled and champ cup winner and a runner up in league in which i lost first place in last 2 turn.. due to Del piero's and treze's injuries
  5. Re: New Tactics Help do substituted player's condition will be as much affected after the match as the palyers who played the whole game?
  6. hm.. is that me who can't find subtitutions in the new match engine or they really did take it off?!
  7. Re: Italian rating predictions (continued) For JUVENTUS i agree for most what was said.. but in case of buffon decrease will be not fair, as he was chosen as best goalkeeper of history by statistics of FIFA, greatness of buffon sholudn't be on a same level as for ex.. julio cesar.. my oppinion as for camoranesi & trezeguet, i agree, they are great but hardly played this season.. while Del Piero and Amauri should get increase for youngsters: Marchisio has been outstanding this season maybe 90 but i don't think SM will not give him such a rise Ariaudo - a player from primavera has p
  8. Re: Alex Del Piero, Unfair Rating!!! oh c'mon but he's greatness can't be compared to the greatness of kanoute and the thrilling team like sevila.. or mutu who leads his team to champions league glory or maybe fourth palce in seria A, how can DP's rating be higher than Mutu's?! rofl
  9. Re: Alex Del Piero, Unfair Rating!!! let's bring it up Juve is doing well being second in seria a 3 points behind inter and playing chelsea in Cl.. Del Piero is juve's best scorer this season after amauri who's 1 goal better than him he's also the one who made the most assistes for juve, being 5th best assister in seria A, well.... for a striker that's great. his average performance is highets within his team and was voted for the second best player in the first part of the seria A this season, which finished just 2 days ago.. yesterday, he was chosen as best italian player of 2008,
  10. juvefan10


    i've been playing Sm for 2 months now, i've noticed that everytime i have a successful run of winning games, there comes "crisis", anyway.. for ex, i won 14 games in row with juve, than i played psv and i lost, then i played draw and yesterday i lost again.. when all my players were fit and morale was sky high being first in championship and have won both cups.. is there an understanding of "crisis" in SM?
  11. Re: High Rated Risers claudio marchisio should definetly rise, he played plenty of games in juve this year and has been really impressive, he's 87 is funny.. so 89-90 next rise.. sissoko - an absolute riser.. he played nearly all games for juve, and was always among the best performers, he's performs this year never were lower than 6.5, i think he will hit 94 in future to come but on this rating change, maybe 91-92 from 90 legrotaglie - juve's main defender has only 90, playes all the matches at high level being part of the one of the most succesfull defences this year along with chiellin
  12. Re: Alex Del Piero, Unfair Rating!!! i've answered it five times already.. noone ever said that he should be higher just becouse he is a legend... Sneijder/van der Vaart?! :D do you really think they are superior than DP. considering everything?! and if yes tell me why?! VDV - justa regular for NT who played for hamburg for 3 years.. what is his advantage over DP?! playing in CL?! wnning WC? being a top scorer? top asister? having better overal performance?! oh yeah.. he played several games for top class real madrid.. sure...
  13. Re: Alex Del Piero, Unfair Rating!!! as zhangy said, Dp is in better form than he was back in that time.. and he has been holding this form for 3 years now.. i'll say it again, you know why i mention archievements?! why i think that archievments is important?! i'll tell you and you just let me know you agree or no.. ok.. if a player has a lot of archievements that means that a player has been classy for years and has proved himself to footballing world with winning those big amounts of awards and putting some nice performences.. there are 2 kinds of players with archievemnts..
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