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  1. Your team rating and the opponent only differs by so I think both teams are more or less balance. If you had won against the team before, maybe you can try same tactic or look at tactics from all teams that had played the opponent, see the formation, setting, game stats (possession, shot on goal, red card, etc) and maybe you can figure out something to beat that team. +4 in my opinion
  2. Try to do deals with others than those 3 or you can still try to get their players by offering good deal to them No Wijnaldum
  3. Not worth it. Stay with kimmich No, keep robertson and buy paresed It is sure really hard to beat 95 - average team so maybe just keep with formation you posted because it worked before or change to 4 - 5 - 1 and still play defensive edit: not paying attention to the bold part so I state it here: I am not very experienced manager so just forget what I said 😅
  4. I played from lower division and promoted to higher division and did not encounter such problem. Higher - rating players still perform and score a lot of goals even from free - kick but winning becomes harder after each promotion which is expected because better team at higher division.
  5. Cup Maybe try other formation or setting I prefer kroos. There is chance he will drop but even though it happens I still prefer kroos Not sure it is fair but I won't trade KBD for those two Sule I think benzema. Real madrid has great midfielders so better chance for benzema scoring more goals. After ronaldo departure, their play becomes more balance (not focusing on certain player)
  6. Hard to say, depends on the rating of your players. It is not easy to keep all the players happy if they have high rating. I usually have 22 players so each position has one backup and always rotate them. You need to calculate how many games each players need to avoid concern and try to use 3 subs every match. Team with many high - rated players will develop concern at certain point because they need a lot of games. I had many players with concern in one team (ranging from level 1 to level 3) and I decided to focus on dealing with their concern rather than competing for the title in more or less competitive GW. Having experienced many players with concern, I think the best way to deal with it is: just let it be 😆. You can deal with them once they develop concern. Just try to rotate them so only one or two players develop concern, then you focus on those two to lower their concern, maybe in exchange other players develop concern. No problem, just do the same for new concern. In other words, you rotate the concern so the concern is at most level 2 but limited only to few players (1 or 2). Hope my post doesn't confuse you 😁
  7. Be careful, when goalkeeper hits 88++, they should play a lot games or will develop concern
  8. Ghoulam or danny rose Semedo or soares or valencia
  9. Keita will develop concern if you loan him out. Sell keita. If you still want to loan him out, then maybe sell...verratti?! Half the goals were from penalty but yeah WC golden boot is prestigious nevertheless
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