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  1. You mean choose one from those four? Wouldn't it be really obvious to pick sadio mane?
  2. I will do it Not sure SM will apply same logic to winks
  3. I guess I will pick the duo Should not drop Partey for me
  4. Hard to say. I have encountered concern rising after fixture 36 and there are other factor needed to be taken into account such as suspension and injury Tempting but lautaro at this moment Took me by surprise I think he will not for now
  5. Duo for me. Felix not performing to his best at this moment. Speaking potential, I think not much difference between them, both are really talented players. However, the team they join will impact a lot to their future. Jovic will getting more game time now only because bale, benzema, hazard and asensio are injured. By next month, I suppose he will go back to bench unless he uses this opportunity to play impreesively to bench bale Haaland will get game time more than jovic so he will getting 90 eventually. So for now I prefer haaland Stay for now More or less the same for me Yeah it is odd not having bid for a month, never experienced that before He will rise but 90 is crazy
  6. De ligt for me. Can not say anything at this moment regarding summer transfer Duo for me. Too much for KDB
  7. I prefer winks Really tempting offer. Mahrez performs far better this season compared to previous. With that kind of performance, he will get 92 (maybe not in this review). Chiesa himself is a very promising player. Hard to say but thinking long term I will choose chiesa (he is also more versatile at this moment) Koke for me De bruyne is out of question, must keep him. Fabinho will be 93. Pogba's future still uncertain, so for now maybe get rid of pogba Icardi for me. Scoring a lot golas but unfortunately in ligue 1 Same thought as you, aguero will stay and modric will probably get -1
  8. OOT How you guys manage your cash regarding players' salary? What solution do you have if your balance is decreasing every week?
  9. I think you are happy to accept apology from someone if he is ready
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