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  1. Unless cash is important for you, keep him. I prefer trading militao with other player if you want to get rid of him
  2. Let him keep oblak With your squads, I think I will do it
  3. Good players. Now how about your attacking players? Who are they?
  4. Agree with milanista, higher chance for laporte to lose LB position Duo
  5. Nope if you have to lose the duo Bale is performing well so for short term yes but for long term maybe you can ask another player instead of bale. Maybe oblak for now
  6. Yes I would. Firmino is better than Rashford
  7. If you can get replacement for him, sure. But if not, just keep him. He will keep his rating for at least one season I suppose Piatek Zinchenko for me No, I prefer the duo
  8. Go for pjanic, Modric will decline soon
  9. Sebastien haller or wilfred zaha?
  10. Yes, I will take the cash + duo Interesting if you get those two spurs players. Not sure if cou will be starter next season for barca
  11. No, auba and lewa got their rating without winning ucl. Mbappe just needs to perform really really well to get 95 Selling aguero is good move. Better if you can trade to get some youngsters + cash
  12. I know he got number 9 but I am still not sure he will be the main attacker choice for the team. I could certainly be wrong, let see whether he will play in super cup against liverpool and perform well
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