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  1. You don't need donnarumma if you have oblak. He will develop concern. Even meret and lafont will develop concern Not much different in my opinion but right now maybe kessie for me just because he is regular at milan. Torreira still gets playing time although not being starter regularly and it is interesting to see how arteta develops the team I think lucas hernandez for me. West ham is in the red zone so unless declan rice moves to better team, he will stick to 90
  2. Let's check about "some fume" you are talking about... After this review, VVD is the best CB ever since EPL started???
  3. I think it is typo. SM wanted to write 09 instead of 90 I also don't think it is such a bad deal but how about if the situation was reversed, he offered his mbappe for your sancho + havertz, would you directly accept it?
  4. Yes good start for him 😁 Wow, I also find it intriguing you wanted to swap varane with upamecano. I believe you are the only manager who wants to do that and the other manager is the only one who would reject the offer. Seeing how far you are willing to go, message the other manager telling him to look at your squads then pick any player(s) to make him wanting to part with haaland. If this still does not work, then there is nothing you can do. Keep in mind he is the manager who prefer upamecano to varane
  5. I won't say it is bad but highly risky. I think umtiti getting -1 is due to injury, not lacking of skill. His age is irrelevant because usually up until 30 is still considered prime. Umtiti also plays for far better team and plays in UCL while declan's team still has a really big question mark whether west ham can stay in epl, let alone competing for trophies. Right now maybe umtiti is not barca's first choice but I think barca won't sell him because pique is aging, unless barca buys new and better CB. Same case with sane, injury. We don't know how he will play post-injury but if he had been healthy, I believe he is in race to 93. For joao felix, I think it is a matter of preference. He is good and haaland also good so haaland will get to 90 eventually but after that, who knows. Rating 90 and above is on different realm compared to 80-ish Right now oryazabal is more consistent. Dembele needs to work with injury and his attitude I won't be surprised anymore is eriksen get -1, lack of game time so worse performance compared to last season. If you are OK with the possivility of him getting -1, then I think eriksen still better option 👍 Maybe involving player exchange in the deal?
  6. Not sure I understand your post correctly but you did deals which either accepted or completed means that you have swapped umtiti with rice and sane with hakimi and nothing can change anymore? The only deal that is not completed now is only joao felix?
  7. Just realized suarez is 94 now, I thought he dropped from 96 to 95 😅 Yeah, suarez also didn't deserve the drop. Maybe his age also plays part to the drop. I agree aguero is still class and I can say auba is also still class considering aguero is suported by KDB, mahrez, silva, sterling, etc and auba is supported by.....(write whatever name you want and then ask yourself whether he is footballer or some kind of farmer)
  8. I think it will be fairer to compare auba with other 95-rated players. Aguero is still sensational although city performed far worse compared to last season (in their own standard) so no one will think aguero will drop Salah scores less goals than auba (I am well aware he played less games too) and watching liverpool games, I can say salah has been wasteful. Missed several one-on-one chances against GK, even missed simple tap-in against MU. Again, no one in their right mind will say salah getting -1 Hazard and griezmann have been awful and they keep their rating. Auba scoring more goals than salah, hazard, griezmann and is carrying arsenal but getting -1 is truly weird. SM rating is really "tricky" (Actually I want to write "crazzzyyyyyy")
  9. Scoring 14 goals with arsenal performing like amateur team is considered extraordinary for me
  10. Sooooo...... Is VVD the best CB ever since EPL started??
  11. Werner for me unless you need midfielder I think so Maybe verratti Upamecano or davies I think B. Mendy
  12. I see. I misinterpret the meaning 😅
  13. You mean choose one from those four? Wouldn't it be really obvious to pick sadio mane?
  14. I will do it Not sure SM will apply same logic to winks
  15. I guess I will pick the duo Should not drop Partey for me
  16. Hard to say. I have encountered concern rising after fixture 36 and there are other factor needed to be taken into account such as suspension and injury Tempting but lautaro at this moment Took me by surprise I think he will not for now
  17. Duo for me. Felix not performing to his best at this moment. Speaking potential, I think not much difference between them, both are really talented players. However, the team they join will impact a lot to their future. Jovic will getting more game time now only because bale, benzema, hazard and asensio are injured. By next month, I suppose he will go back to bench unless he uses this opportunity to play impreesively to bench bale Haaland will get game time more than jovic so he will getting 90 eventually. So for now I prefer haaland Stay for now More or less the same for me Yeah it is odd not having bid for a month, never experienced that before He will rise but 90 is crazy
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