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  1. Matuidi drops? You gotta be ing kidding me
  2. Auba's 95 is genuinely regarded as the most undeserved and incorrect rating of any player in SM history.
  3. He was a 96 though, I guess there's no leighway for a 96 when injured as there is for a 94.
  4. Is there ANY chance Reus keeps his 94?
  5. Kuyt drops 3 ratings 2 days after I buy him. FS. Tried to be clever by buying a good cup player on the cheap
  6. Has to be a lock now for a 94 surely?
  7. His stats this season aren't great. 5 goals, 7 assists in 39 games. Dortmund are not having a great season and no World Cup of course.
  8. I signed him 2 weeks ago purely because of his goalscoring record in the reserves. He scored his first goal in Serie A last week and got an assist this weekend. Very pleased
  9. This. People complaining about Koulibaly are clearly very misinformed.
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