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  1. Probably because it's not competitive
  2. Danilo. Oscar is in a dead league and will decline soon..
  3. Yes I just realised what you meant after I checked my bid for Justin Kluivert and realised he went from 320k to 1.4m
  4. When the Portuguese league is reviewed. Maybe this week or the next.
  5. Glad that Gaspar rose yesterday, I almost sold him in one of my GW's, I expected Vazquez to get a rise though?
  6. Keep I'm sure he will end the season as 91 rated
  7. Off the top of my head I have some. Morata (maybe) Ter-stegen, Vitolo (Maybe), Carrasco, Jose Gimenez.
  8. Am I the only one who's baffled as to why Nacho Fernandez hasn't got a rating increase? he should be 88 min maybe even 89.
  9. I don't know how so many Valencia players survived a rating decrease lol
  10. He could end the season on 91 if he keeps his form up.
  11. Plenty of money in the gameworld, help make it competitive again.
  12. I'm wondering when they're gonna do the mid season review.. SM is starting to annoy me a bit now
  13. Grimaldo deserves a +3 min. I expect him to be 88 by the end of the season before his move to Man City.
  14. The PL reviews have been terrible. Are they really finished?
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