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  1. How do I get in Contact with the developers or SM-staff?
  2. Hi! The gameworld English Championship 27229 still hasn't started despite this info; SMFA World Cup Finals: Sat 14 January New fixtures announced: Tue 17 January First fixture of new season: Sun 22 January Anyone know what could be wrong?
  3. Yeah, as I said; he was a beast in the Euros but 92 is a decent rating for him. Ramos beeing 95 is not that bad but he could be a peg up if it was up to me Still, Ozil should be updated along with Hummels. John Terry is still at 90
  4. Pepe might be a bit overrated but he was a beast in the Euros and pretty decent when he played in RM last season. Ramos is certainly 95 considering the likes of Tiago Silva beeing 95 and Ramos actually delivers Still a bit confused why nobody is mentioning Ozil. He's proved a lot since 2011 to say the least
  5. New to the forum but long time SM player Wan't some views on the ratings of Hummels and Ozil. Since their latest updates (Hummels 13 jan 2013, Ozil 9 june 2011) they have evolved quite emense and cince then been more or less dominent in World Cup and European Cup and in their club teams. The Premier leauge Review were made last month and this month so I guess Ozil won't be updated, Bundesliga is also reviewed I Think. Do u guys agree with me on this one or do you Think they have a fair value atm? I Think both of them should step up a peg or two.
  6. Agree with Sir Rahul here even though I understand the question. Ratings are Always difficult. What is a "high" rating? If lets say 70 is the lowest and 99 the highest Osmane is currently in the "higher-half". That's a fair rating considering his age and first team carrer IMO. Think he'll go higher at the end of this season if he continues his flare. I'm more curious about the ratings of long time "stars" like Ozil and Hummels. Last update for Hummels were 13 jan 2013 and Ozil 9 june 2011. A LOT have changed for them since then (World cup, european cups etc) and they are in the prime so those ratings are certainly not fair at all.
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