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  1. Re: Official England Thread

    But by that token' date=' I think it'd be far more beneficial for Butland to play for Team GB in the Olympics where he'll get a few games under his belt and still experience a decent standard of competition.

    That said, we aren't blessed with many good keepers...[/quote']

    True.. but maybe he'll be in the Olympic squad as well? I know it's been said that anyone in the Euro squad wouldn't but I guess it's possible that he might be included.

  2. Re: Npower League 1 and 2 Official Thread

    I don't know what's happened to Bauza. I watched a DVD yesterday of us beating Doncaster 4-0 away from home back in League 1 in 2007/2008 and Guillem Bauza was absoloutely quality and scored. I'm sure he'll come good if you can afford to keep him.

    He'll have to come good if we want to have a decent season :o

    James Dunne looks set to join Stevenage, although they've announced his signing despite not even agreeing a fee yet :confused: Out of contract but we are entitled to something as he's only 22.

    I know it's early but our squad looks awful at the moment. :P

    Contracted For The 2012/13 Season: Artur Krysiak, Steve Tully, Danny Coles, Scot Bennett, Aaron Dawson, Elliott Frear, Liam Sercombe, Alan Gow, Guillem Bauza and Tom Nichols.

    First year pros: Jordan Moore-Taylor, Jacob Wannell, Jacob Cane, Jake Gosling, Luke Roper, Jamie Micklewright, Ollie Knowles and Jamie Reid.

    Released: David Noble, Lenny Pidgeley, Richard Logan, Chris Shephard, Callum McNish, Luke O'Brien, Dan Nardiello (joining Rotherham).

    Negotiations Ongoing: Troy Archibald-Henville, Richard Duffy, Billy Jones, Jimmy Keohane and John O'Flynn.

    Expect at least one of Troy and Duffy to leave as well, and Jonathan Fortune has completely disappeared!

  3. Re: Official England Thread

    It will be' date=' but i don't see how somebody who's played 24 times for Cheltenham can beat the Championship goalkeeper of the year Kelvin Davies to that final place in terms of ability. I guess they'll look to feed Butland through, but who says he'll be good enough to make it for England, in terms of current ability he wasn't the best English goalkeeper in League 2 in my opinion.

    Glad Ruddy is missing him though, seems a bit of an ego and his outbursts on twitter have been pathetic.[/quote']

    The chances of the 3rd choice keeper playing are so little it hardly matters anyway. Davis is 35 and has no chance of playing for England whereas Butland is without doubt the most talented young keeper that we have and should really be starting for Birmingham anyway.

  4. Re: Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread

    After 4 seasons without winning anything, Exeter now add the English Cup to the Shield after a 4-1 win over Aston Villa.

    Once again I was lucky as I played the reserves on Saturday but then didn't bother coming online on Monday but somehow they managed to win both games.

    Another disappointing year in the league comes to an end tonight, hopefully next year I can finally win the league and then I can quit :o

  5. Re: Npower League 1 and 2 Official Thread

    Richard Logan has been released :( So many times he's come up with last minute or winning goals. Best of which were the header at Torquay in the BSP play-off semi final when we came from 3-1 down on aggregate with 20 minutes left to win 5-3, and the goal at Rotherham that sent us up to League 1.

    Just hope he doesn't end up at Plymouth as they were interested in January. Not the best of players but he loves the club and would have been a good option for League 2.

    Noble has also gone as we can't afford to keep him, would be a decent signing for a League 1 team.

    Even worse news is that Bauza is contracted for another year and O'Flynn is in talks over a new deal :eek:

  6. Re: Official England Thread

    I think you're overreacting. Yes there are some confusing decisions (Richards being the main one) but the squad isn't terrible. He was never going to pick a squad that satisfied every fan' date=' but personally I'm reasonably happy with that he's chosen.

    The goalkeepers are fine, Hart will be the number 1 and hopefully the other two won't be needed. Roy didn't have much choice here anyway.

    Apart from Richards not being chosen, the defence is fine too. Terry, Cahill and Lescott are all very good CBs, and with Fergie saying that Rio can't hack International football, it's no surprise he wasn't taken. I'm not sure I believe that Roy made the decision for footballing reasons, if Fergie says he can't do an International tournament then you listen to him. Cole and Baines was to be expected, the only problem is at RB. I would've taken Richards over Johnson and left Jones in because of his versatility, but never mind.

    Downing and AOC are the only concerns I have over the midfield. AOC is completely unproven and Downing has been rubbish this season, I'm amazed that Adam Johnson wasn't taken instead of one of them. Carrick can also consider himself unlucky to miss out, especially as one of the back-ups instead of Henderson.

    I'm glad Carroll was taken instead of Holt, Zamora and Crouch. I would've taken him too. Rooney and Welbeck are good choices. Interesting that Defoe was chosen ahead of Sturridge, but Defoe has a decent International record (around 1 in 3) and Sturridge is very raw and greedy.

    Overall, I would chosen differently but it's not an awful squad as some are making out.[/quote']

    Agree with all that except the parts about Oxlade-Chamberlain and Adam Johnson.

    Obviously Richards is the strange one but then again Capello never picked him either and Mancini has left him out often also so maybe there's something about him that managers don't like?

    As for Downing, well not everyone will play so hopefully he's one of them!

  7. Re: Npower League 1 and 2 Official Thread

    Gow's a good little player' date=' surprised you've managed to keep him despite dropping down to L2-no offence.

    What d'you think to Nardiello? Got a soft spot for Rotherham n think he could be a very good player for L2. Don't like their manager though.


    I'm a little surprised as well tbh especially as he's admitted he's made moves before for the money. But then again he seems to fit into the way we play perfectly so maybe after years of changing clubs he just wants to stay somewhere :o

    Nardiello's a decent player but he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut (he got sent off at Charlton for abusing the linesman 5 minutes after he didn't give a goal that looked like it crossed the line), stop moaning when someone doesn't pass to him and learn the offside rule. ;) To be fair to him he was played out of position for most of last year and just got on with it though so I'm sure he'll do a decent job for them.

  8. Re: Official England Thread

    I'd take Walcott' date=' Young and Johnson comfortably ahead of him, we struggle for decent wingers after that.[/quote']

    After that? :P All 3 of them are average as well tbh, I remember for years everybody saying there was nobody to play on the left but at least you knew Beckham was on the other side. Now we simply have nobody that is capable of performing well regularly.

  9. Re: Official England Thread

    Glad Redknapp didn't get the job in the end, just a shame that the media are so far up his .... that Hodgson will have an even more difficult time as that headline on the Sun proves.

    1 major positive for me is that having not managed many of these players he won't have any favourites. With Harry in charge there's no doubt that he'd pick Crouch up front, Rio and Terry as CB, and in 3 years time would be wondering why the Gerrard - Lampard partnership didn't work because they're 'top players'

  10. Re: Npower League 1 and 2 Official Thread

    Been rumoured for weeks that we might sign David James, possible now he's been released by Bristol City.. as long as he didn't want a decent wage it could happen as he lives quite close.

    Had a dodgy season but no doubt he'd still be a good player in League 2. If we could get rid of our useless goalkeeping coach, release Pidgeley and then have James as player-coach with Krysiak as number 2 then I'd be happy with that.

  11. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    Gayle has pulled out of his Somerset contract so looks like he could be back for the West Indies. Good news for them but from a Somerset point of view, Gayle shouldn't be signing a contract then deciding he's changed his mind a few months later.

  12. Re: Official Cricket Thread

    Philander seems to have started so well over here that I doubt he'd have needed any practise :o

    Seems pretty stupid to start the whole county season this early anyway, it's virtually impossible to win a game with the amount of rain.

  13. Re: Npower League 1 and 2 Official Thread

    Alan Gow is superb. I know you shouldn't really look back and say 'if only' but if he'd signed a few games earlier.. :o Looks like he's agreed to stay next year though which is great news.

    Finally had a bit of luck with nobody noticing a Walsall shot that looked like it somehow went over the line and spun back out again, and also the first red card given against us in 115 league games even though Nardiello went down far too easily. Only problem is that it gives us more hope after being doomed a week ago :rolleyes:

  14. Re: SM Predict Season 7 Week 37

    Saturday 21st April 2012:

    Arsenal 3-3 Chelsea (ESB)

    Borussia Dortmund 2-0 Borussia Monchengladbach

    Bordeaux 0-1 Marseille

    Morelia 1-1 Atlante

    Sunday 22nd April 2012:

    Fiorentina 1-3 Inter

    Racing Santander 1-2 Atletic Club (FGS - Llorente)

    Genk 2-1 Standard Liège

    Colorado Rapids 1-2 LA Galaxy

  15. Re: Npower League 1 and 2 Official Thread

    Well at least we've made a good start for next year by getting rid of Rohan Ricketts after just a few weeks and 1 sub appearance! Supposedly wasn't happy that he wasn't in the team.. no wonder he's had about 389 clubs in 75 different countries if he can't be bothered to fight for his place and gives up that easily :o

    Hopefully Bauza, O'Flynn and Nardiello will be next

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