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  1. Re: Roma young talent - Alessandro Crescenzi There's a supports ticket link in the startup page. Then there's a players category where you can change player's details or add new players. Cheers
  2. Re: i need your help guys with my inter side Try 3-5-2: --------Julio Cesar------- ----Maicon--Chivu--Cordoba---- --------------Senna------------- --Ribery--Cambiasso--Stankovic--Mancini-- ---------Ibrahimovic--Forlan-------- I would recommend you to trade out Manciniand some money or another player for a winger or AM such as David Silva or Iniesta or Simao.
  3. Re: ETO'O and IBRAHIMOVIC Don't you ever say this in the forums again
  4. Re: AREOLA, Alphonse : Next PSG No.1 A find from you is always a great find and so is this one! I juz came back from my exams (well i have two mocks tomorrow and one IGCSE next week . . .) Anyway nice find!!
  5. Re: Vasilios Koutsianikoulis‏ - The Greek Messi ? Is he moving to Olypiacos in the summer since if this is the case than he could get to 91 at the maximum there
  6. Re: Luis Miguel and Joan Capdevillia Miguel (92>92) Capdevila (92>93/92) Other RBs Maicon (94>95/94) Dani Alves (94>95/94) And as for LBs i would take Capdevila
  7. Frank Lehmann Name: Frank Lehmann Date of Birth: 29 April 1989 Nationality: German Height: 1.91m Weight: 73kg Age: 19 Position: Goalkeeper Club: Eintracht Franfurt Squad number: 34 As Jens Lehmann gets older, the next Lehmann continues on his campaign In the year 2007, Frank was elected as "Best Goalkeeper" in the international indoor tournament in Sindelfingen He also played for 2 U18 Internationals Frank was at VfB Stuttgart since 2004 until last summer when he moved to Eintracht. (i'm not sure if it's a loan or not) He is most possibly the brother of Jens Lehmann, the goalkeeping legend of Arsenal who is currently at Stuttgart. He is a big talent and is capable of many thing Jens could do such as technical diving. Frank appeared on the bench last match where they lost to Stuttgart 2-0. He also appeared there many times before. As Proll and Nikolov are getting old, he might have a chance or so to shine soon. Not on DB
  8. Re: Dodo - Corinthians Will he be some star or will he be a signing like De Laet???
  9. Re: Adrian Mutu Rating He's most likely to stay. Still Regualr for club and country and scoring many goals for them.
  10. Re: Serbian Talents and Risers Ljajic and Aleksic are the top 2 best talents of Serbia and you will regret selling them! Aleksic will move to Madrid while Ljajic is on loan from ManU This already proves their potential so dun do the deal!!!
  11. Re: What formation for my beloved Real Madrid team? 3-5-2 (attacking) ------------Casillas-------------- --Dani alves---Vidic---Cannavaro-- -------------Pirlo---------------- --Sneijder--Lampard--De Rossi--Van Der Vaart-- ----------Van Nistleroy---Totti-----------
  12. Re: marchisio or pjanic? Both of them are good but for a rise go for Marchisio Marchisio will be 91+ but Pjanic i think will get up to 94+ Short-mid term>>>>>Marchisio (87>89) Long term>>>>>>>>>Pjanic (87>88)
  13. Re: Who will win the Bundesliga??? Currently, Bayern are most likely to win the Bundesliga by many forumers followed by Wolfsburg, Hamburg then Stuttgart More votes needed to determine whether we forumers will be correct or not
  14. Re: EXCHANGE Mario GOMEZ FOR Miroslav KLOSE and Philipp LAHM??? He'll stay in the near future but he will move to a bigger club in the summer as Stuttgart are willing to sell him - if the rumours are correct
  15. Re: Davide Santon : Inter Milan's young star !
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