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  1. Manda foder, eu treino o porto, tenho jogadores de 90 e 91 e ate contra bits perco ! E os jogadores da liga portuguesa nunca sobem !!! Foda-se para este jogo
  2. So, I have two things to say. First, the name of this game is Soccer Manager Worlds, but it's not the reality. You never pay attention to the portuguese league. You increase players of every ing leagues, but the portuguese league, for you, doesn't exist. You just increase 1 or 2 players and the increase is a . And other thing. My team in this game is portuguese. I came here every ing days, I buy players, I sell players, I do tatcics for my team win some games, But they never win. Why ?? It's because is a portuguese team ?? I lose every games, with others players and with ing bots !! And some players have a team, never came here and they win the matches ! If I stop playing this game, I will start winning matches ? I think so. Sorry for my english and thanks for your attention, or not.
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