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  1. Re: Yevhen KONOPLYANKA ~ Ukrainian Messi? Super young player, very bright future ahead for him.
  2. Re: Swap KOSCIELNY for BADSTUBER TBH I'm not fussed about Koscielny playing as at least he is better than that idiot we bought from united in '08 (Silvestre). Seriously questioned Wenger's sanity at that point!
  3. Re: MCFC James' English Premiership Predictions Injury can do that...
  4. Re: Yevhen KONOPLYANKA ~ Ukrainian Messi? This kid is an absolute gun and should go up +6 to 85
  5. Re: Paraguay Primera Division Risers Rodolfo Gamarra +9 to 85 great riser!
  6. Re: Does anybody know any moneymakers in Czech + Bulgaria League Is Matej Delac looking at a rise?
  7. Re: Scribe's World Cup Gems (The stand-out risers of the WC) Everyone here who rubbishes Busquets clearly has no idea about what they are talking about. A person who doesn't watch many games see him as average because he doesn't play those magical through ball like Xavi or get past 5 opponents like Messi but just keeps the game ticking. He protects the back 4 to such great effect that they conceded only 24 goals:eek: in the 2009/10 season, 11 less than the next best in RM. The previous season when Yaya was the anchorman, Barca conceded 35 goals - 11 more than this season. Whilst it could b
  8. Yevhen Konoplyanka is a 20 year old striker who currently plays for Dnipro for the Ukrainian league. Last season (2009/10) he made 22 appearances which was made up of 17 starts and 5 from the bench. He also scored 4 goals. Despite being described as a CF on soccermanager, he has found himself being played on the left flank for Dnipro, although he can also operate is an attacking midfielder. He resembles Messi not only physically with his appearance, but also with the style that he plays. He is quick, has great technique and can make the ball almost seem glued to his feet ALA Messi. Despite
  9. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Should I buy Johnson or Bosingwa as I need a right back and they are the only 2 available. Tks.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is this too much to give away for Pique? Garay+Moussa Sissoko+15 mill. Thanks
  11. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis (2010/2011) Why did they drop Casillas and Garay yet Benz and Kaka stayed?
  12. Re: Ruben Gabrielsen. How is he progressing after a full season?
  13. Re: Samir Nasri Over-rated, due to his team?
  14. Re: Samir Nasri Over-rated, due to his team?
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