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  1. BOOM

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Which league are they doing now / next after Spain?
  2. BOOM

    Worldwide Risers

    Which league are they doing now after Spain?
  3. BOOM

    Worldwide Risers

    Will Ronaldo or Suarez drop?
  4. I haven't either! Haha Because it's clearly not true.
  5. I am biased, I am a LFC fan - I haven't said otherwise. It wasn't me who said I was unbiased, which is what I questioned. If you're going to enter a debate, get your facts right! Eriksen played in a better team last year, he stayed fit more. But even then Coutinho was more productive per minute!
  6. Yeah let's agree to disagree, game of opinions (although the stats can't be argued with). I just don't think you are unbiased given what you are saying about LFC fans and you being a huge Man U fan.
  7. Coutinho is better at making a team tick too! Haha You're clearly not objective, saying you know annoying LFC fans. You're a huge Man U fan, you hate LFC - it's clear. You're opinion is void to me, based on what you've previously said.
  8. Baffling. Coutinho gets more goals / assists per minute. Coutinho is better at dribbling. Coutinho delivers in the big games FAR more than Eriksen. Sounds like you are very Man U biased. Anyway he'll be a Barca player soon, unlike Eriksen - because they want the better player.
  9. No better. He can do everything Eriksen can do - but much more. There is a reason why Barca want him, not Eriksen. He's also been much more productive over the last two seasons, per minute than Eriksen. Eriksen has two things over Coutinho - he's playing in a better team (or they were better last season), he's had less injuries. Otherwise Coutinho is the better players on the eye, the more effective player statistically and rightly rated higher.
  10. BOOM

    Worldwide Risers

    Ashley Young to rise?
  11. BOOM

    Worldwide Risers

    They deserve +2, especially Salah, after seeing Lemar's rating!
  12. BOOM

    A new risers thread

    He's top scorer in the league! 92 should be nailed on shouldn't it?
  13. BOOM

    Serie A Rating Predictions

    Fofana to rise? 86 to 87?
  14. BOOM

    Worldwide Risers

    Any of these due for a rise in the reviews coming up? Thanks.