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  1. Alisson > Ederson Pogba shouldn't be in the team of the season. Take away his penalties. Consider the times he has downed tools or been a liability for the team. But he peaked when the voting occured, which is why the voting should be done at the end of the season, not half way through it! I'd have Doherty over TAA too for RB. TAA has had some great games, lots of assists, but he's also had lots of quiet games, missed a fair few games as well. I'd go Doherty.
  2. What's the thought on owning LFC CMs - Keita, Fabinho etc. The reason I ask is Klopp seems to do so much rotation in midfield, as he likes fresh legs. Therefore no one is seen as first choice between Fabinho, Keita, Henderson, Wijnaldum, Milner... Next year you'll have Oxlade Chamberlain to add to the list, that's without considering any potential new signings. Due to this heavy rotation, it must make these players less likely to rise?
  3. Definitely respect different opinions. But Keita was elite in Germany, voted the 2nd best player one season. Did you see him last weekend? He was involved in all three LFC goals. He's an absolute baller!
  4. Ter Stegen = good age, could get 94 if Barca win the league.
  5. Jorginho isn't the only problem at Chelsea, as there are a fair few. But he is a bit of a wet fart of a footballer. Doesn't get many goals or assists, isn't great at tackling, isn't strong, isn't quick... but he can pass it often, especially mastered the 6 yard pass - whoop de doooo! Decent player, but shouldn't be the main point of a top team with his limited attributes. If surrounded by the right tactics & players he'd perform much better - as would all players. But he's definitely an issue at Chelsea given he's not top class, far from it.
  6. Someone is going to pay a lot of money for Zaha & make a big mistake. It won't be Pep as they're too good at scouting & analysis to make such a big mistake for an overrated player. He is a match of the day player. Let's just forget about his antics of diving, getting sent off, walking round the pitch thinking he's Neymar, tracking back rarely... His output is really poor. He just gets the ball & dribbles, to a very low success rate. Really poor footballing brain. Suso is easily the better option here. Younger, playing for a better club & a better footballer. You can't have watched Naby Keita much pre LFC or even his last few displays then. He is a brilliant player & he's beginning to show it. Also it's best to judge LFC signings under Klopp after 6 months or so - as Ox, Robertson showed. Fabinho & Keita are beginning to show this too. It's hard to adapt to the way they play, especially in midfield. Keita is the real deal.
  7. Looking at the 1st page on this thread. Rahul has done the following Predictions. Are these the leagues we're expecting to be reviewed over the next few months?
  8. Anyone have a rough idea of what leagues are going to be reviewed in the next few months?
  9. If anyone can PM me who can help with tactics it would be appreciated. Seems this is the main active thread on the forum. Got a good team, but I suck at the tactics. Thanks
  10. I am going to try this, do people recommend it still? My question, I was going to use Messi in the AMC position, with a 91 rated player wide. If the instructions are saying attack wide, should Messi be used in a wide position? Thanks.
  11. You're right about Salah & Firmino. Most CM minutes for LFC last season - Wijnaldum Most CM minutes ofr LFC this season - Wijnaldum He's also been brilliant in this title challenge. Henderson, Milner, Keita & Fabinho have not been as good consistently through out the season as Wijnaldum has. He's the glue in the CM & will certainly deserve a rise if LFC win the title.
  12. He's the glue in the LFC midfield. Played the most minutes for LFC last season. Has been LFC's best midfielder this season. Of course he deserves 92.
  13. Why did SM get rid of the chat feature? Used to make a lot of deals with other managers using it. Seemed an unecessary change & one which makes the game worse.
  14. Which league are they doing now / next after Spain?
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