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  1. It depends what kind of game world you're in. In mine players over 30 are not worth much. Iwould never trade for one. I think Busquets could drop again soon as well. Dias is a big talent, but he needs to move to rise further. Lenglet is safer, good age, already at a big club and will definitely continue to rise. But I would ask for another player on top.
  2. I swear noone in here is in a competitive GW! No one should ever be considering selling Ndombele with no trade. Apart from anything he's only a handful of games with a new club in a new league. People have no patience these days. I remember when Thierry Henry had about 1 goal in his first 20 games with Arsenal - the rest is history.
  3. It depends whehter you're in a competitive gameworld or you can get another similar rated right back or centre back easily? I don't think much of Walker but I disagree that he will drop soon. As long as he is a starter for City - he has missed only 80 mins in the league this season - then he will keep his rating. You have to weigh up how useful he is to you now vs the other two players you give up. Sensi is playing well but he is a long way from getting to 92. Sarabia is a good player too but will he continue to start for PSG when everyone is fit again? Maybe you could ask for another player o
  4. I would keep Pepe. Richarlison is stuck at Everton for another season and won't rise much unless he leaves. Kabak is quite talented, but not special IMO.
  5. There is no next Mbappe. He was a once in a generation player.
  6. I would 100% do it. Not only is Alaba younger than Marcelo, making him more valuable the long term, but he can play in multiple positions. Arguably fullback is also the least crucial position in SM. It's win win all over IMO. Go for it.
  7. Cheers guys. Interesting to get your views. Any CBs who are likely to rise to either 91 or 92 in the near future?
  8. Manolas or Koulibaly? Do either have a chance at 92 in the next reviews?
  9. Hey mate, do you think Draxler will get a rise?
  10. Hey mate, I'd love your opinion on some player rises for the upcoming upcoming reviews. Also, when do you think they'll start on the big leagues (i.e. Premier League, Serie A, La Liga etc)? De Rossi Marchisio Caldara Conti Barzagli Bernardeschi Koulibaly Karsdorp Dolberg Unal De Ligt Kluivert Tom Davies Trent Alexander Arnold Fabregas Firmino Coutinho Mane Moses Son Alli Alexis Sanchez Falcao Tierney M. Dembele Aubameyang N. Keita Robben Heinrichs
  11. Thanks for those ratings Rahul. Very close to my views A few more for you if you don't mind - M. Jorge G. Martins A. Silva Sabitzer Tierney Dybala Icardi Oyazabal Krychowiak Pepe Manolas Koulibaly D. Mertens Garay J. Vallejo Unal Fazio Rudiger Gagliardini Juanfran Caldara I think there's a chance as well. He's been in incredible form for Roma this season and the team are flying high too. If he's ever going to hit 93 then this summer is his time.
  12. Hmmm doesn't seem like you really need either T. Silva or Kante with that depth! So I guess it comes down to personal preference and whether you just enjoy trading to freshen up your team. And obviously how much you value Dahoud, who may be having a bad season, but could get a big move in the summer.
  13. Hey Rahul, great work in this thread. Looking forward to the next instalment nearer the summer reviews What do you think about future ratings for these guys? G. Jesus Bellerin Digne Kurzawa Rashford N. Semedo Fernandinho Pjaca Naingollan Cazorla Alli Thiago A. Benzema Locatelli Forsberg Dolberg Ginter De Rossi D. Sanchez T. Bakayoko Felipe Luis
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