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  1. Re: The Next Generation Of Superclubs Transfer/Match Report Etc I've been that busy at work that I've been unable to really sort any of my teams or come on the forum in 2 or 3 weeks so was nicely suprised tonight to see I won promotion anyway. Must of been beckham that did it for me lol
  2. Re: The Song Name Game How do I live without you - leanne Rhymes
  3. Re: The Song Name Game Reach for the stars - S Club 7
  4. Re: Chivas Rules! Sorry for the delay, but welcome, I hope you are enjoying the forum.
  5. Re: ONYEWU, Oguchi Hey, Thanks for the post, do you have any stats on this player for this season? Cheers, Oghash
  6. Hi All, For some reason when I click on send global message it no longer allows me to, I just receive an error page. At first I assumed it was blocked due to my work place firewall but I tried it at a friends house and got the same message. Has anyone else experienced the same, and if so, how did you fix it? Cheers
  7. Re: Trekkies! I used to love next generation and ds9 but not got time, I work shifts and its never on when I am watching tv it seems.
  8. Re: Hello Everyone Welcome dude
  9. Re: My new setup. sweet I asked you to add me
  10. Re: The Song Name Game Reach out in the Darkness - Friend and Lover
  11. Re: The Song Name Game Black or White - Michael Jackson
  12. Re: International League Match Reports & Transfers Nigeria 3 - 1 Uruguay After his managerial debut Ogden was beaming with delight after his Nigerian team played to the exact tatical instructions to overcome the determined opposition. Suprisingly he didn't have much to comment after the game other than to say he was happy. Kanu, first goal scorer Obodo second goal scorer Uche third goal scorer
  13. oghash


    Re: Snow! Its snowing quite bad in sheffield, I just went out to get my subway on my break at work and came back looking like a snowman, well a moving one
  14. Hello all! One of my leagues that I own is English championship 2274. Its feeling a touch neglected at the moment though, its only got 12 managers inthe whole league welcome to come join if you want to, enjoy .
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