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  1. Opinions on who to sell. Marcos Llorente or Stefano Sensi? If Llorente doesn't have a chance to rise, I would prefer to sell him.
  2. Please rank Vrsaljko, Arias, De Scilgio.
  3. Which 2 to keep out of Vrsaljko, Ricardo Pereira, Santiago Arias and which out of Orban and Lenglet. Thanks.
  4. Add Danilo Pereira in this group, too.
  5. Who would you sign: J. Mario, Pellegrini, Betancur or Illaramendi? Any chance that the first 3 would rise to 91 as Illaramendi has?
  6. Shaquiri or Tadic? Who would you buy to make some profit?
  7. Would you prefer Bartra, Danilo, or Ricardo Pereira as right back?
  8. Add also Calhanoglu and Suso to the ranking.
  9. Please rank Forsberg, Mahrez, Zielinski.
  10. Would you prefer Allan or Parejo (linked with Barcelona)? Also do you have an opinion for Valon Berisha? Is he a potential riser?
  11. Sorry, it is Linetty or Thorgan Hazard
  12. Hey Guys! Would you prefer Lynette or T Jordan Hazard?
  13. Question to everyone. If you bid a player for cash and another team bids more, but with less cash + players, does the bid with the more cash has a chance. For example 28m cash vs 15m cash + 20m players. Thanks.
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