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  1. Re: New SM graphics I HATE IT!! Soccer Manager was fine how it was. Why do they keep trying to improve it. Just leave it!!!
  2. Re: Patrick NYARKO Wow I am so annoyed at his rise. He deserves far more than a 77
  3. Re: Patrick NYARKO Nyarko's rise could be effected as recently he has been used as a regular substitute, not a starter. He has started the last games, however, but only because Mcbride is injured.
  4. Re: Cheikh M'Bengue - Toulouse Sky Sports State: "According to reports in L'Equipe, Tottenham Hotspur have been showing an interest in Toulouse full-back Cheik M'Bengueand are ready to make an offer." This could surely be great for his next rise if this deal is completed.
  5. Re: Section 3: Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden; If your looking for an analysis of Section 3 go on to this thread http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=44497 The guy has put together a massive amount of risers on here, its a relatively unknown thread actually but there you go.
  6. Re: Section 4 Risers - Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA Love this thread. Shouldn't Sainey Nyassi and Chris Barnes be mentioned from U.S.A. I did a thread on Chris Barnes. Theres a link in my signature, he will be 78>82. Anyway, repped
  7. Re: summer ratings increases ( section 3 ) Just bid for the more notable risers. Really good post again. Thanx alot.
  8. Re: Transfer Clothwatch: Your Comments??? Valencia has officially moved to Man U so you were right. About time, its been talked about for far too long. Few points I would like to make; 1) I think Jacobsen leaving on a free was bad for Everton. He is better than Hibbert, despite how legendary Hibbert is. 2) Portsmouth needed to get rid of all those players anyway. Most of them are unfit such as Glen Little and the others don't get played anyway. 3) Are Bolton doing this on purpose. They have Kevin Davies, bought Mark Davies, now they buy Sean Davis . I wonder when they will sign Simon
  9. Re: Transfer Clothwatch: Your Comments??? Another thought. The amount of transfer rumours with strikers linked to Man City is starting to get stupid. If City need to improve then their defence is where they should be targeting, otherwise they will overload the club with strikers.
  10. Re: Transfer Clothwatch: Your Comments??? Ill start it off. For starters, I believe Thomas Vermaelen is a very stupid move. If Arsenal are looking for a new CB, they should be buying someone with height, bulk and experience, something Vermaelen doesn't have. Another one I disagree with is how Jaidi has been released from Birmingham. He started 30 games for Birmingham last season so obviously was an important part of the team. It seems unfair that he would then be released.
  11. This thread isnt to talk about rumours. Its to comment on already completed transfers I have looked upon the transfer clockwatch so far for the Premier League and there are many transfers which are easily disagreeable with and I think it would be great if the forum had a thread where people could comment on the transfers occuring in the Premiership to express their feelings on certain transfers, releases etc Arsenal In - Thomas Vermaelen Undisclosed Ajax Out- Amaury Bischoff Contract Ended Out- Rui Fonte Contract Ended Out- Abu Ogogo Contract Ended Out- Paul Rodge
  12. Re: Gozgoz8 Summer League Project!!! (ONLY CONTAIN RISERS)
  13. Re: Gozgoz8 Summer League Project!!! (ONLY CONTAIN RISERS) Rebenok predicted 82 and got 80 Vasin predicted 79 and got 76 Pivnenko predicted 80 and got no rise. I am disappointed. I bought Pivnenko after seeing this thread a few days before the changes. And all I get is a positional change and a b!tch of a transfer ban. He is now just another addition to my squad which I simply dont want.
  14. Re: Famous people you have met I was 2 metres away from the whole London Wasps rugby side 4 years ago. Went to watch London Wasps Vs Bristol and just as I was walking towards the stadium we were told to stop by police and the whole London Wasps team got off their coach and walked past. Simon Shore is even bigger up close. Also, Ive shook hand with Mike Marsh (ex-Liverpool player) and shook hands with Gail Emms (won silver medal in olympic badminton)
  15. Re: Darrius BARNES Omg, just after I talk this guy up, Santos equalised so its now 1-1. The bad thing is, the goal was only converted because of two defensive mistakes, one unfortunately by Barnes who got turned far to easily. Edit: 2-1 to Santos. WHAT A GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Left top corner curling shot from way outside the area. Unstoppable!
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