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  1. Hello me and this other manger my has be in the same championship and a othe manger join now every play we seen he keeps trying to make us out bid him to get our players and he put stupid prices in we cant afford and wont got over cos we need the money what do we do and every scene they join they manger other teams with multiple accounts and brought the best players and did some dogdey deals.not fair on the championship and unfair advantage. What do we do
  2. Yer I just don't get it it is just one player and are u got a gd team on soccer manger world
  3. The mangers not a dodgy one one he a friend who has been a manger for 2 season now I am psuing the ask prise but it still does work Wat do I do
  4. The smfa has block the deal for some reason
  5. The deal involving the play has collapsed
  6. Hey am try to buy a othere player off a other team but when the bId have been accepted it corlapeisand the trade dint go though
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