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  1. Onguene ex SOchaux now Stuttgart..Keep? why doesn't play?
  2. Boudebouz great season +1? Linked to Atletico,Sevilla and Lazio
  3. I have some player of Internacional from this list but the team is relegated.. Not Rising for him?
  4. Gueye,eyed by a lot of big team
  5. it's random for Torino's transfer
  6. News? Game ko? Database not reviewed?
  7. Pjanic 10% yes 90 %no...Very poor season in term of brilliance-
  8. Thanks..I think Alario 89 in Arg is a joke!
  9. Lucas Martinez Quarta?!?!?! River Finished and they forgot he?
  10. If Barco 82,Rigoni 87...Cristian Pavon 85?! Barco 12 caps 1 goal 512min 76-82 Cristian Pavon 14 caps 6 goals 3 assists 1169 min 80-=?
  11. Help me to counter a 3412..we have the same average rating
  12. How to counter a 3-4-1-2.. We have the same average rating. Help Me!
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