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  1. Feyenoord for me plz I’ll send you my number now.
  2. Quick question. What determines the maximum rating you can loan out? In a perticular league it used to be 90’s but now my chairman won’t let me loan over 87’s really frustrating. Thanks
  3. Totally agree with you BOOM. A very underrated player. Well deserving of 92 if Liverpool win the league.
  4. From Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. Started playing in 2009
  5. Verane 94!!!!!! Was not expecting that. Do you think it’s deserved?
  6. I would say his goal record is a little better than decent for a club that hasn’t won the serie A in 9 years. games. Goals. 13. 9 34. 29 34. 24
  7. Icardi is a goal machine. Well deserved 93. Gabriel Jesus is quality just needs more game time. You don’t get to 92 rating at 21 for being a flash in the pan
  8. Yes. Savic wont Rise above 91 and although De Ligt is young he looks very promising
  9. Tough one. Lots of hype for both. Don’t think you can go wrong either way. Not seen much of militao. TMcosta’s your man for that. Watching Ajax in champs league Neres looks very skilful and knows where the goal is. Would prob go for him.
  10. Yeh looks like he’s on the move. Won’t struggle for a team mind you. Would like to see him in the prem
  11. Andreas skov Olsen. 18 years old. scored 11 goals in 19 appearances in his first season in the danish superliga. Efthymios koulouris. 22 years old. 11 goals in 12 games for Atromitos who are currently 2nd in the Greek super league.
  12. American, Mexican, Ukrainian? 👍
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