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  1. Moving from PSG to Nottingham Forest doesn’t work well for your SM value 😂 Loic Mbe Soh has dropped by 900k I’ve just noticed. Was valued at 1.6 million he's now worth 700k 😂
  2. Meslier - 82 -> 85 (long term potential - 90) Martinez - 86 -> 87 (Long term potential - 89) if Villa have a good season top 6/7 this could change. In the winter review minus injuries.
  3. Youssoufa Moukoko (15) is insane, wont be long till we see him on the bench in the Bundesliga. Super talent!
  4. Awful news about Van Dijk wishing him a speedy recovery. On the plus side I think it blows the title race wide open which is great for the neutral like myself. Fabinho will probably step into CB alongside Gomez or Matip. P.S my reaction doesn’t mean I think you are sad Socca, it means I’m sad that VVD is injured ☹️
  5. Faitout Maouassa, Bukayo Saka - 2 players who have potential to rise this season. I would keep him. If Wolves have a good season then I think he could rise, he’s always first name on the team sheet as well as now getting plenty of England caps which will help him in the future. Grillitch unless you need depth with the duo.
  6. Notifications on IPhone are back! The forum is no longer unbearable!
  7. Not sure any will drop but based on game time early doors I would say Insigne and Isco. Difficult to rank all the players I would probably say my top 3 are Brozovic, Barella, Tielemens. I would also put Alberto and Grealish up there too 🙂
  8. Hugo Souza Age - 21 Club - Flamengo Position - GK Nationality - Brazil Hugo Souza a player who I’ve mentioned recently in other threads is a goalkeeper who I believe has the ability to play for a top team in Europe. He’s currently showing his ability having been given the opportunity at Flamengo due to injuries but having excelled he is now keeping Diego Alves their first team goalkeeper out of the starting 11. Hugo is a tall goalkeeper at 6’5, he has great reactions which makes him an ideal shot stopper, couple of highlights below showing off his abili
  9. Not the best quality but both of Armando Broja’s goals yesterday against Den Haag. Second goal was taken very well. He’s going to be really good player in the future! After 5 games in the Eredivise he’s Vitesse top goalscorer having played only 153 minutes, a goal every 51 minutes. Vitesse currently sat in 3rd position only 1 point off PSV in first. *Will try to find a better quality video.
  10. I feel like football in general is not as defensive minded anymore, just look at the Premier League, hasn’t been a goalless draw in any game yet. I think there’s an emphasis on full backs having to contribute more attacking wise than defensive. Plus I’m of the opinion that there aren’t the defenders like there used to be John Terry, Vidic, Maldini, Nesta etc are all examples of defenders who just loved defending.
  11. Who said Mourinho plays defensive/boring football 😂 15 goals this season, best in the Premier League. Son and Kane are at it again!
  12. Shame he conceded 4.... well the defence 😂
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