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  1. My G Pedri I would try to keep them all but if I had to choose I would probably sell Cunha. Duo Think it all depends on when the Eredivise gets reviewed next. I would keep for now just in case he gets a random rise in the near future.
  2. There’s been a lot of talk on social media today about Albert Braut Tjaland (17) who’s the cousin of Erling Braut Haaland and like Haaland seems ridiculously deadly in front of goal. In the youth ranks at Bryne FK he scored an incredible 64 goals in 37 games and like his cousin has joined Molde to continue his development. Remember the name!! His name is Tjaaland in SM FYI! SM rating - 65 Value - 240k
  3. Duo, Aguero is on the decline be interesting to see where he goes next season. Duo for depth otherwise I would go for Dias, at Dias current rate he could reach 94 before Gnabry which I would of never expected when he arrived at City. Depends what talents are available but I would keep him for now. Good insight on Skriniar and Italy, thank you! Ooooo, name names 😂 not guaranteed Gourna-Douath will rise but after Truffert’s recent rise anything is possible and he is due a rise. Regardless of this Lucas definitely isn’t worth selling for cash in any game world.
  4. Sidnei Tavares (18) added this morning, worth the investment.
  5. SWIKI REPORT (04/03/21) Hi guys 10 pages this morning an STILL Chile under the microscope, incredible. Brazil also has a few lower league teams edited as well as a few from Serie A. Worth mentioning that Weston Mckennie has been edited, he’s recently just moved to Juventus permanently. Also Lucas Gourna-Douath among the edits, I’m going to predict a small random rise for him considering Truffert had a rise only 2 days ago outside the French review. Chile 🇨🇱 Union La Calera - 17 Deportes Copiapo - 2 Curico Unido - 5 O’Higgins FC - 2 Universidad de Concepcion -
  6. Bit different though, Slavia Praha were playing against a division 3 team in which Slavia Praha reserve team play so it was pretty much the equivalent of playing against u21s 😂 Having said that, in England not even clubs 100+ place below get beat 10-3. Marine AFC v Spurs finished 5-0 which is still impressive for the team who usually work at McDonald’s or KFC 😂
  7. Picture from Crystal Palace v Manchester United this evening... Andy Cole said before the game that he was expecting to see goals tonight... I expected to see the pitch but that didnt happen either 😂 One of the worst games I’ve watched this season!
  8. I would take the duo + cash, Ndombele would benefit your midfield if you play with 3 especially. Well that’s certainly not going to help, to be honest Kurzawa is the better LB not a huge fan of Bakker personally but has been a good riser this season thus far. You already have the best option in Nuno Mendes but Truffert would be a good signing too and is a player who should rise comfortably by the end of the season. Answer to your other questions, I would go with Musiala but only just, I think Gravenberch is brilliant and Maxence Lacroix no brainer for me. I would pack
  9. I’m leaning towards the duo plus cash, Sane has the ability to reach 93/4 at Bayern one of the best teams in Europe. I think he’s a solid defender, do think he lacks pace but a player who knows how to defend. Maybe Inter fans on the forum can expand more, he’s been linked to a lot of clubs including Spurs in recent times. Would be a great move for Dortmund, don’t rate their defenders very highly and I think he would improve Dortmund’s defence MASSIVELY!!
  10. I would take the offer, Bono will probably be 90 rated by the end of the season and you will be in same position trying to keep both GK’s happy. Take the punt with Henderson and go with the duo 😊 Try to rotate goalkeepers theres not much difference in 88 and 89/90 as you well know with your many years on this game.
  11. Edouard Michut (17) added this morning MUST BUY!!
  12. 1) Renyer 2) Frabotta These are the 2 I would sell. Theo Hernandez He’s on discord so he’s safe and sound, If he’s on holiday I would love to know where can’t even leave the country in England without getting a 10k fine 😂
  13. SWIKI REPORT 7 pages more of the same this morning with mainly Chile still being reviewed. Turning out to be the most in depth review since the big 5 😂 Anyway, also worth mentioning that 3 players Tochi Chukwuani, Wilfried Gnonto and Arsen Zakharyan all among the edits, I think all 3 could get a small random rise in days to come. Chile 🇨🇱 CD Palestino - 13 CD Huachipato - 1 O’Higgins FC - 3 Deportes Magallanes - 1 Universidad de Chile - 18 Union Espanola - 17 Coquimbo Unido - 2 Deportes Puerto Montt - 1 Union La Calera - 1 Colo Colo - 2 Deportes Colina
  14. Thanks for the kind words Vinny, means a lot. Agree with everything you have said 😊
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