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  1. SWIKI REPORT (28/02/21) Its another Sunday which means another slow day with just shy of 2 pages to look through, all the edits for today are below. Desna Chenihiv - 1 Lori FC - 1 Finn Harps - 12 Pachuca - 1 Cabinteely FC - 1 Wealdstone FC - 1 Kremin Kremenchuk - 1 CS Dock Sud - 1 AD Berazategui - 1 Sacachispas FC - 1 Korona Kielce - 1 Colo Colo - 4 Deportes Colina - 1 FC Dallas - 1 Houston Dynamo - 1 Forge FC - 1 Coquimbo Unido - 1 Figueirense - 1 Mansfield Town - 1 OH Leuven - 1 Derry City - 1 Bohemian FC - 1 Shamrock Rovers - 2 Than
  2. Extremely good young defender, I expect big things when he joins Leipzig next season Camavinga Elvedi Nah not for me
  3. Nice 😊 You both have the same IP address so just wondered, don’t really know how IP addresses work though to be honest.
  4. @XForten @AnthonyKegher17 Duplicate accounts?
  5. Not really started yet mate, I’m hoping it might get underway next week. Do it!! Don’t get anywhere in life without taking risks 😂
  6. If Hofmann benefits your first XI more I would go for him otherwise the duo. Yeah surely!!! Goretzka
  7. Edouard Michut (17) made his senior debut for PSG this evening, MUST BUY when added!
  8. Don’t forget they bought Braithwaite too, the ex Middlesbrough man, they were in the championship at the time too 😂 Doesn’t have to do much but I agree, just one rating under the top keepers in the world seems fair and his distribution is the best in the world for a goal keeper. Grealish, Aouar/Rice, Zakaria Not sure on the full backs.
  9. Tiago Dantas (20) comes on to make his Bayern Munich debut.
  10. Does anyone else find this oddly satisfying 😂 English league two table before today’s fixtures....
  11. Absolutely! Been spoken about how good he is on here, definitely a player to bid max for. I mentioned in my report of him that the coaching staff at United rate him highly, he also became the youngest player ever at 14 to represent a team in UEFA youth league which is some achievement considering the players who have gone before him. Good investment, should get another decent rise at the end of the season. Be interesting to see what Barcelona do in the summer with the arrival of Eric Garcia.
  12. I think everyone is typing in their 599k bid right now 😂 Don’t think SM care about the 3rd and 4th tier of England, Taylor Richards is having a great season at Donny and he only managed a +3 to 73. If Chelsea finish in the top 4 and put a good run together in the UCL he could rise in the summer, I think Tuchel likes him as well. Im not a huge fan though there’s a few games I watched this season especially at home to Spurs where he was guilty of missing some great opportunities, Chelsea drew that game 0-0.
  13. Shola Shoretire (17) added this morning MUST BUY!! Enis Destan (18) also added, another very good investment!!
  14. Osimhen for me Lewandowski = short term Haaland = long term Depends if you want success now or are prepared to wait for when Haaland’s rating progressively rises.
  15. SWIKI REPORT (27/02/21) 9 and a bit pages this morning and it’s a HOT 🥵 one with a whole lot of Chile 🌶 and just a sprinkle of Ireland. Rangers Nathan Patterson is among the edits not sure if this will be a random rise or position change but someone to keep an eye on. Chile 🇨🇱 CD Huachipato - 14 CD Palestino - 2 Deportes Ovalle - 1 CD Cobresal - 16 Audax Italiano - 1 Deportivo Nublense - 2 Universidad de Chile - 1 Coquimbo Unido - 1 Curico Unido - 20 Deportes Vallenar - 1 O’Higgins FC - 18 Deportes Melipilla - 5 Lautaro de Buin - 1 CD Rangers - 1
  16. De Ligt, De Jong/Upamecano but seen as you are stacked in midfield i would maybe edge Upamecano over De Jong. Must of been 🤣 Neuhaus Not sure it’s fully started yet, a lot of position changes I’ve noticed in the last couple of days.
  17. Sell, you have ridiculous talent for CAM. I would keep Mount for sure by the way. Trent for me, more versatile and harder to find a player his rating at RB.
  18. I’m sure many of you have seen this tweeted out but it made me laugh 😂 ‘French Goalkeeper Steve Mandanda has a brother called Parfait Mandanda. Meaning that their parents called one of their children Perfect, and the other one Steve.’
  19. Ronaldo + Mckennie all day for me I would buy Faivre Russj.
  20. Unai Simon Neuhaus Andre Silva You not in discord? This is what got said from one of the devs and I quote. ’He’s very highly rated, Will more than likely get a small increase and then end up being 85 by the seasons end’ So I put two and two together 😂
  21. SWIKI REPORT (26/02/21) 8 pages today with more of the same, Chile, Ireland and both MLS and USL. Worth mentioning that Adrien Truffert is among the edits. Recently discussed on discord that he could see a random rise and will be around 85 after the end of season review. Dane Scarlett also among the edits, maybe a position change/addition and a slight increase considering he’s played a few times in the Europa League. Chile 🇨🇱 Santiago Wanderers - 15 CDSC Iberia - 1 CD Everton - 20 CD Palestino - 1 Deportes Linares - 1 Deportes Magallanes - 1 Ireland 🇮🇪
  22. Pedri As long as Suarez keeps scoring he will keep his rating but as Milanista eluded too he probably deserves a rise in the next review. I’d go for Suarez 86, a lot will depend on where Montpellier finish, the higher the league position the better the chance Sambia has of 87. I think he deserves a +1 when you look at some of the players Palace have that are 86. Sell Long term - Duo Short term - Neymar Depends what you want, if you need instant success or if you are willing to wait a few years then reap the rewards. Neymar for me
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