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  1. Emin Bayram (17) makes his first full debut for Galatasaray in the league today. 65 rated / 140k value Super talent!
  2. 7 and your 1mil riser could be Baumgartner if he’s available, should rise to 83+ and will probably be worth over 3 mil.
  3. Going back to this post, Michal Karbownik (19) is another good young option. 78 rated - 26 starts / 7 assists this season. Plays both full back positions and all across the midfield. Good future ahead of him.
  4. Koulibaly like everyone else. There isn’t any logic you should know that by now haha @Nameless Dybala still 😊
  5. No. Firmino has not scored a single goal at Anfield in the league this season, not that that would matter but he’s only scored 8 goals all season in the EPL. Obviously he brings more to Liverpool than just goals but I don’t think he deserves a rise.
  6. Tisserand. Since Pongracic’s arrival in January TIsserand is mainly used as a substitute and is no longer first choice alongside Brooks at the heart of Wolfsburg’s defence.
  7. Dybala probably not unless Juventus win UCL but I don’t think that would be enough either. Dybala for me. I think Sane will be rotation at Bayern with Gnabry and Coman which obviously will effect his game time.
  8. I don’t believe it does. He’s not played a single minute in the league so it’s not a massive shock he didn’t get a rise. Played 400 minutes in the pre season tournament? (Paulista) which doesn’t count for much.
  9. De Ligt but I would make it a straight swap for the Duo, I think +20 million is too much for De Ligt.
  10. Yeah I agree with @KERSPALT! depends on UCL. He should be able to break the 20+ goals mark with City’s remaining fixtures.
  11. Real Madrid medical staff giving first aid to there best player this season 😂
  12. Valverde and Bentancur in my humble opinion. But I see the others have chosen Aouar and to be fair there isn’t much in it between the 2 for me. Bruno Fernandes, he’s untouchable at the minute haha
  13. Lewis Bate (17) on the bench tonight for Chelsea, hopefully he may feature. Should be on the bench for the last 4 games of the season with Gilmour’s long term injury.
  14. Yeah, there is a chance De Vrij might rise to 92 but it’s unlikely and Brandt is younger and has more potential to rise beyond 91. Good deal for you. I think @gyanthecat has 😊
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