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  1. De Bruyne - Best player in the premier league at the minute form wise, should rise to 95 for me in the next rating changes. Romagonoli
  2. Aurier, younger and can play both positions, should also do well at spurs got a great manager there. Spinazzola, Torrerira, Elvedi, Bartra then Rudy Definitely try not to sell Rudy though, should rise this season if he can stay in Bayerns team. Auba, only thing that puts me off him is the fact that I have a feeling he may be playing in China next year which would decrease his rating but you shouldn't need to worry about that for at least another year. Martinez like Socca says can play 2 positions then I would go Strootman but I also like Wanyama. Did well for Inter last season just hasn't got the minutes so far this season, good player for the future though. Don't think he will go up in December, good player but there are better players in his position. I'd like to see him in the premier league for a team like spurs or Liverpool think he would thrive under Potch or Klopp.
  3. Mbappe is pretty much the only one you can get like kev has said, he's bang on 16 million too. Thinking further a field for maybe 5 years time, Vinicius Junior, jordi Mboula, Justin Kluivert, Jadon Sancho. But because most of these are really young it would be too early to tell. Dembele, Asensio, Lemar, Jesus, Werner, Martial, Rashford, Coman. Other players worth a mention
  4. TBH there are many players who are due a big rise and Diaz falls into this catagory, all you can be is patient he will get his rise in time. I would get Marcelo especially if you have these 2 right backs you don't need Juanfran and Jordi Alba is simply not as good as Marcelo.
  5. Yeah I've already backed out, forget this post
  6. I have Modric and was wondering if he's worth swapping for veratti?
  7. Agree with @Third Salah in the short term but if you are looking towards the future then Meyer and Barkley for me, I do think Barkley should move on though and to Tottenham at that. There has been talk of Spurs and Chelsea being linked but i don't think he would see as much game time if he moved to the blues, where as with Spurs he would probably rotate with Alli From what I can see he hasn't played many games in the Serie A this season, mainly played in other competitions so I don't see him rising unless he features more, having said that I dont'tknow a great deal about the player maybe someone who's more clued up on Brazilian football can give you a better opinion. Alves I would get Payet in the short term but as for the long term i would look at getting someone younger and sell Dembele to me Of course mate but i just think its a joke how SM slap these price tags on young players, I guess it helps a lot if you scout players like a lot of us on here. I have Bruno Xadas in most of my setups and got him for 600k, selling him now would make me a good profit for some of my low league teams but i'm going to be so stupid haha.
  8. I would get Mane and Firmino, both players would be achievable with the 57mil you have from Hamsik as for after that I would go Brandt/Rugani/Gomes/Romagnoli. Depends what position you need the most, i do rate Rugani and i think Juventus will give him a chance this season now they have no Bonucci.
  9. Yes absolutely!! What replacements could you get in your game world?
  10. Yeah and he scored in his last match against Bournemouth and was argueably the best player on the pitch that day. More matches he gets under his belt the better he will be I'm sure.
  11. Yeah seems favourite over aguero, played in every game for city this season and I've watched him a couple of times and already looks the complete player in my opinion. 94/95 potential for me
  12. Saul Niguez starter at Atletico where as Kovacic is more of a bit part player in my opinion
  13. Martial, should rise this season if he continues his form and will therefore be worth more than matuidi with plenty of more years ahead of him
  14. Martial over Werner, started this season in form hopefully it will continue. Cant really compare the others to matuidi, they both play different positions to matuidi. Thanks for the input guys really appreciate it turns out I'm good at giving advice but rubbish of thinking about my own deals Im gonna go with Alaba I think, like people have said above he's younger and the fact he can play a number of positions is a big plus. Also Bruno Xadas has risen to 2million, what a joke. Just hope everyone bought him when he was cheap.
  15. I have Marcelo is it worth swapping him for David Alaba? Im only doing it for the age and the fact Alaba has more years left in him but is it really worth it and what are the chances of Alaba getting 94 this year? Cant make my mind up! Expert opinions please
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