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  1. I suspect/hope these players get another rise when the Portugal review is done.
  2. 89 - 100%... Definitely got a chance of 90 just depends how SM review him. SM have made a few questionable decisions recently, however they usually got the big leagues right.
  3. No keep Lodi and Maupay. Especially if you are a small team and need the players. Lodi just as good as mendy imo.
  4. Mbappe. 2 times better than Kane in my opinion and I’m English 😂 Mbappe is the best youngest in world football and in my top 5 of overall players. Strakosha - Leno - Cillesen - in that order Kai Havertz + Zagadou
  5. Yeah. Still only 20. Cost Atleti 113 million last season, they paid that amount not only for his ability but his future potential. Will only get better in my opinion.
  6. I agree. Surprised Massengo only got a 2+ thought he deserved to go up to 80.
  7. Sane - as long as he can recapture his form after his long term injury. Wouldn't sell him he should be hitting the 90s next season as long he keeps his place up front, which is a good chance with Frank Lampard being there coach. Could be up top for England in summer as well depending on how Kane does with his injury. Although I do think that Danny Ings is England’s best striker at the minute form wise, he’s doing well for Southampton but wether or not he can do the same with England I’m unsure on. All in all Don’t think Arbraham will reach the level of Cavani or Suarez but could improve well in the future.
  8. Yes imo. You have replacement in Pogba, Eriksen has took a step down in my opinion going to a weaker division. I know Martinez plays for the same club but he’s only 22 and is attracting a lot of interest from around Europe.
  9. Hi guys, I didn’t want to create a new thread but didn’t know where to post this. I’ve recently just got back into SM and joined a Gold championship (324) which seems to be stuck on off season. The last fixture of last season was at the end of July and there has been no fixtures or anything put out for the upcoming season. Just wanted to know if I was wasting my time building a team for the upcoming season or if there is an explanation to this.
  10. Upamecano, anyone who thinks maguire is clearly a united fan, 80 million pound of overrated nonsense. Soyuncu has a good future but I think ups just edges it for me
  11. Saka - getting a good amount of playing time at Arsenal currently, he will only improve. a month ago I would of said he’s playing in a mediocre team but since Arteta has took charge they have improved. He’s the one out of these 6 who is more likely to improve quicker in my opinion (rating wise) The other 5 are all future stars and are more long term investments in my opinion. The others I would go for are Kouassi and Reyna if I was going down the investment route
  12. He will still get game time till the end of the season so for that reason I would keep him for now. That’s my opinion anyway Fake news or not he’s capable of playing at a higher level than Everton. Top 4 team in the premier league that’s for sure.
  13. I would keep Lundstram and Longstaff. Sheffield United seem to keep going from strength to strength. Longstaff hasn’t been great this season but Bruce experimented with playing Sean in attacking midfield last night which went well for him picking up a goal and a great assist. Hopefully we’ll see move from him and in that role which it looks like he enjoys. I would also keep Dwight McNeil for now with him a permanent fixture under Sean Dyche and with him only being 20 he has a bright future. I could see him moving on in the future to a bigger club. Dont know much about the others, hope this helps.
  14. Agree with this comment, I would go for Richarlison at this moment in time. Proven premier league player Barca had a last ditch 85 million offer rejected on deadline day, wouldn’t be surprised if he moved on to better things in the summer. I have no doubt Felix will become a star but he’s in a team which are more comfortable with being a defensive unit than a free flowing team which would suit him more and probably would get more out of him imo.
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