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  1. Depends what position you need. KDB has been exceptional again this season so I would go for him. Keep Firmino Kane is top class but has been injured for a long period of the season. This Corona break may help him though. Nubel Should be Bayern’s number 1 in the future. Dean Henderson I rate highly should be England number 1 for the 2021 euros. If he keeps progressing I would expect him to be no.1. If Dea Gea leaves at the end of the season, wouldn’t be too surprised to see him become utds number 1. Eze has lit up the championship at times this season but needs to make a step up to the premier league imo. Dont know much about De la Fuente. So yeah Henderson for me.
  2. Having said that Socca. I believe Fofana could potentially reach 80 in there next review which I’m sure is still some way off. Look at Diaby today, got a 9+ for Pacos de Ferreira and there currently sat in 16th place in the Portuguese league. Unless I’m missing something, that is a pretty big rise in a team languishing near the bottom.
  3. Well done 😊 I thought it said ‘At the moment I live in Canada’
  4. Richarlison. Good chance of him getting a move to a bigger club in the summer unless Ancelotti can pursued him to stay.
  5. Ifs buts maybes, but... Oblak was the hero, Adrian the villan. Can’t believe Adrian is actually getting death threats now. No place for that in any walk of life.
  6. In my opinion it was VVD and Gomez fault. VVD backed off Morata from the halfway line with another 2 Liverpool players behind him. The strike from Llorente was actually a decent hit but the shot should of been closed down before then. Adrian was at fault for the first goal which was huge and changed the game. That in truth was the deciding factor in the game for me. Always gonna be tough for Liverpool to go again. Sorry I just watched the game back and wanted to put my two Penneth in 😂
  7. Swap for either. In my opinion both are better defenders, I don’t believe the hype when it comes to Maguire. Upamecano would be the best out of the 2 though.
  8. Kane and Werner Gabrial Brazao, Mark Travers, Neal Bishop (moved to Manchester United in January) Alessandro Russo, Roffo (boca) Just a few off the top of my head.
  9. I would presume they would need to get little further in the champions league. Semi finals like Ajax did.
  10. I’d keep Auba (best striker in the premier league in my opinion) stats don’t lie and he’s playing in a team that has done great for the last few seasons. For that reason I wouldn’t get Firmino and would go for the duo in Veratti and umtiti. You have son and Jesus who are also 2 great strikers. keep Jorginho.
  11. Personally you have a strong midfield and defence so I would go for Richarlison and Firmino up top with Jorginho swap for Allan. Devrij and Hummels are getting on so I would look to invest in some defenders with potential maybe like Gomez or Dayot Upamecano if there available. Or if you’re funds are running a little low maybe Kabak, Badiashile, Ampadu, Kouassi, Todibo, Saliba etc. Also what strikers do you have? Is Firmino a big upgrade to your squad?
  12. Keep. Should go up in the Portugal review
  13. Firmino - all though it’s depends on how strong you are in other areas. If Veratti and Umtiti strengthen your squad as a whole and would both play first team then I would get the duo. Jorginho Richarlison. Eze. Id keep for the next review and if he’s not moved on to the premier league or 1 of the top 4/5 leagues then I would sell. Am - Coutinho Dm - Veratti but I would be inclined to pick Arthur just because I think he has so much potential and he couldn’t be playing for a much better team with the best player in the world. Just depends on what position you are wanting to strengthen. Coutinho then Veratti/Arthur
  14. Im guessing this is a short term investment with the players involved. So for that reason I would go for Ogbonna as long as West Ham stay up, considerably cheaper than the other options. West Ham’s main central defender along side Diop so I would assume he will go up +1 in the summer as long as West Ham stay up like I mentioned above. Ogbonna - Dunk (Play in better leagues) - Savanier - Valencia. Hope this helps.
  15. No not at all, just looking at who’s been added to SM and who’s playing for which club at the start of the MLS season. If the players I mentioned above keep playing for there respected clubs then they should go up in the future MLS review, which is a long way off I know. Also with them being 100k or around that price tag then I’m sure there worth a punt if you are a small club looking to make a bit of money.
  16. Yeah he is but he’s a lot more expensive and already 79 rated (1.2mil). Hes the more talented but with Tessmann only being added today at 70 and 240k worth picking up. All depends on you’re budget really 😊 Fredrick Kessler and Robbie Robinson have also been added both 70 rated 21 years of age worth 100k. Late bloomers in America from there Universities. These players I’ve mentioned have started both opening games in the MLS. Still a long way to go but worth keeping an eye if anyone wants to make a quick buck.
  17. Probably got another 2 or 3 days at it too unfortunately. They’ve just done Crawley and Forest Green which are 11/12th mid table.
  18. Tanner Tessman just been added to DB. Worth picking up as an investment, started both opening games for Dallas, currently top 4 in there conference made a good start.
  19. Wesley Fofana should be a decent signing for anyone with a small budget low rated team. 75 rated from St. Etienne played 13 times starting 12 this season (1124 minutes) only down side, St. Etienne are not doing very well.
  20. Henderson deserves a +1 for me, Liverpool’s form has dropped off with him being out injured, bigger miss for them than some might think. Soyuncu 90 - 90/91 - Depends how Leicester finish the season Lodi 88 - 89/90 Pavard 90 - 91 Hudson-odoi 87 - 87/88
  21. I’d say Fabian Ruiz, there are so many talented players on that list it’s hard 😂 Would maybe think of selling Kante which I thought I would never say. Not had a great season at Chelsea been struck down with injury and Frank plays him out of position.
  22. Don’t know so much about Bailey haven’t seen him play very often, but as for Neves I honestly think he could play for any club in the premier league and fit right in, phenomenal talent.
  23. Alphonso Davies 86 - 88 Lisandro Martinez 85 - 87 Cristopher Nkunku 88 - 89/90 Nordi Mukiele 88 - 89 Jules Kounde 88 - 89 Ozan Kabak 85 - 87 Moussa Diaby 86 - 87/88 Pretty sure there are many more that others on the forum could add. These are a few off the top of my head.
  24. Yeah I would agree with that or even if Pogba gets a move to Real Madrid or a team of that Quality. Also if he somehow gets on that plane to the Euros and performs back to his normal standard then I’d pursue him again.
  25. I would hold out for now. Who else have you got to sell/swap if anyone? Pogba seems disinterested at Man United at the minute, I know he’s got an injury and has just had surgery but I think we would see the old Pogba (Juventus) if he moves away from United. As for Arthur, He’s at arguably one of the best teams in the world so surely can only improve playing with the likes of Messi.
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