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  1. Re: Same rating and pos but who is better?
  2. Re: help with a match in milan! i know ac are playing real on the 25th i think in the bernabau but im wondering are inter sround at all?? iw ould be willing to go within a 1, 2 hour radius to see like roma or something too
  3. Re: The Future Stars (2009+) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aly Cissokho Age: 21 Position: LB Club: Porto/Milan National Duty: Yes with senegal, prob not with france Sm DB: 86 Recommendation by: Meeuws --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Re: Torres+Gerrard and tj h's Scouting Mission! SM Stats Club: FC Porto Age: 19 years old Born: 22 February 1990 Nationality: Position: Winger/Forward Foot: Right Rating: 72 SM Value: £90k Already played for Porto but has an extremely low rating of 2. His ex club was Sporting and next season could be his breakthrough season. wow that really is a low rating hahaha!!1 great thread mate!!! i'd also find a cheap riser list very helpful, like ranging from 70-75 who will be rising 7 or more!no worries if you cant though also i would like a defender who is reasonalbly young who has good potential and is already high rated such as pique who was 88 and hit 90 i have rafael santon and cissokho already btw
  5. Re: Signature Design Feedback who was that last message to me or jack?
  6. Re: Signature Design Feedback Made this ava, its my first one This is probably the best sig i have made but any comments would be much appreciated, also i cant download anything (photoshops is on my home pc and my dad is super protective of it) like fonts or anything so they have to be cut from images for me to use them
  7. Re: A young 90+ defender with a possible rise in the future already got him mate ya it did help man with the more abstract players
  8. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports Which was so xavi could come in to replace gerrard which was so that carragher could make the squad as i am in need of high rated defenders
  9. Re: Summer Transfer Rumours Thread. i think casillas would be a brilliant signing! we need a keeper a RB at least one CM/AM and one Wing/Fwd to talk in soccermanager terms my wishlist that could happen Keeper: Casillas, 2nd- Cesar RB: Maicon, 2nd- Bosingwa (i know hes chelsea but hes for sale and a goob rb) CM: VDV( only player at this stage i can think of that i might actually happen) Fwd/Wing: Villa, Benzema id love to see a rooney villa benzema across the front but the chances of that are very low rooney berba benzema or rooney villa berba would do fine
  10. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports Liverpool happy with their frist result with a team following the setup rules! Liverpool emerged victorius in a 3-1 defeat of milan with the liverpool scorers being D.KUYT 17 J.FERNANDO TORRES 52 Y.BENAYOUN 59 Liverpool are happy with their current squads but still have great players such as reina xabi alonso reira and arbeloa to get rid of as they are being wasted in the reserves
  11. Re: Signature Design Feedback its a pretty simple sig but i thought it didnt need much added
  12. Re: A young 90+ defender with a possible rise in the future ya i thought godin would be a safe buy with his current performance and villareals season, thanks a lot mate, now im off to decide wheter to get correia adriano or trochowski
  13. Re: A young 90+ defender with a possible rise in the future the players on the list are th only ones i can realistically get as they are not at managed clubs
  14. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports rayn babel for sale?
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