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  1. 1st time I use whole season this tactic, and score is 18-9-11, 62:41, 6th place. Plus win shield cup. My 1st team is 91.5 average. Not bad at all, season before i finished on 10th place.
  2. Mate, i got Koke Belloti and Gelson Martins for Dybala few months ago 😀
  3. In my opinion, no. I watched him in EL and in Serbian league, not so big potential. Maybe for making some money, yes, dont know how many he can rise for this transfer and his plays.
  4. Hi, do you still think that Jordi Vanlerberghe and Keres Masangu have have potential for NT in future? Just get some money and look where to invest it
  5. This is so crazy result! Well this season is so competitive, 8 clubs in 4 points. I am 6th, 4 points from 1st place, half season just passed. But my 2 best players was injured 4/6 weeks...
  6. Did you use arrows on 2/3 and 6/8? I started to use this tactic last season i had problems and now in new season i am fighting for title. Give time to payers to adapt... My last game in shield, play with my 2nd team and win 1:0 with red card in 32nd min
  7. Dejan Joveljic (73) - Crvena Zvezda 2 goals today for first team. 44 goals in young league this season.
  8. Strootman + Pulinhno + Digne or James Rodriguez?
  9. Yes, before injury... i was looking to trade him for some other 92 dmc/mc before next review, but now dont know should i wait and see if he will rise
  10. Can you see Strootman 92, now in CL semifinal?
  11. Ivan Ignatyev 0.3M => 1.8M also nice catch
  12. Sell Tyler Adams after his +10? Or keep him if he had talent for big scene?
  13. Do you think Paulinho had chance for 92?
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