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    azoT93 reacted to Islelovesoccer in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Does anyone else type in numbers into the search bar in the game & look at the ex players?
    001 - Jens Lehmann 
    025 - Bergkamp
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    azoT93 reacted to thorgan lesar in Belgian football (Season '19-'20) + 22 other countries (for example The Netherlands)   
    Vanlerberghe: doubtful (possible he will leave Club Brugge in the summer, maybe on loan to another club). So possible he will get a small rise next season, but not someone for the future on the moment.
    Masangu: Recently in AS Roma and is playing well in the youth selections, so keep Masangu definitely.
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    azoT93 reacted to Troianos77 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    About Murilo, from what I know, he started playing at the first team last year and played very well. This season he's pretty stable on the first team and was linked to some offers from Porto I think, but I'll be surprised if he doesn't go to a medium/big team until the end of the year. Good defender and still young. Would keep medium term at least.

    About Verissimo I don't know much about him honestly, but I've seen some people talking good about him and from what the media here says he has some offers from Torino and other teams, but I don't know. Maybe wait a little to see if his negotiations go through.

    Maycon was a pretty consistent player last year from Corinthians and was bought by Shakhtar. He is a good mid fielder and can play also at the left back, as I've said on previously post Shakhtar tends to buy good brazilian players and sell them 5x their value after, so I'd keep a eye on him, but depends a lot on how much you're able to wait, because as a defender he tends not to appear much.

    About Sander, I really didn't heard anything from him. Didn't actually know him and as 27 yo, I don't think you should keep him. Maybe, he could be a good player, but I really doubt it, because of his age, the team that he plays and not having heard of him before, I think it's not a good sign.

    Paulinho and Melo are great players. Paulinho as I said(yes, I was talking about Filho Paulinho that was sold to Leverkusen, not the one from Barcelona  kk). He was one of the three best young players this semester at Brazil, he, Vinicius Jr and Rodrygo were very good this season, I'd say that Paulinho was even better, not because of what he did but considering that the team that he's at is not so good and yet he was a great player, suffered a injury, but I'd keep a eye on him. At leverkusen he can be a very good player. Definitely keep him.

    Arthur Melo as I said is one of the best mid fielders from Brazil, I don't know why Tite hasn't called him for National squad, that's how good he is. Linked to offers from Barcelona. Definitely keep him.

    Wendel was a good player from Fluminense, had some upps and downs, but I do think he's a good player. As far as I know after going to Sporting he didn't have too much opportunities, but I'd keep him at least until next season in order to see if he's going to have more game time.

    Gabriel Girotto was good last year on Corinthians, I don't remember him having offers from europe recently and I don't think that he played enough to go to a big team there for now, I think he's a good player and but considering the level of Brazil's league. Wouldn't buy him back, at least for now, if for some reason he begins to be linked to some european teams then you could try, but I don't think that he has earned a spot there yet. Maybe for a minor/medium club, but I don't see him going to a medium team and then going to a big european team.

    I think that's what I can say for now, I think I got everyone covered without going into too much details, about stats and all. I don't know much about the Brazil's national league thread, I didn't use the forum until just recently even though I played SM for almost 10 years now. But I saw this thread and thought that I could contribute with something, not much but something.
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    azoT93 reacted to ADEXYNA in Best tactics on soccer manager   
    Wow good, you can do it!, If you are playing against a manager that you lost to in the first leg, just do me a favour get me the formation he uses,the in-game instructions and his play style, get it ready a week or more before the match, send as private message and we'll see what we could do about it 
    You must win the league this time!
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    azoT93 reacted to ADEXYNA in Best tactics on soccer manager   
    Happy to see this result against a team with 93/94 as average rating compared to yours 89/90 its just crazy keep it up man ! Hoping for more good news from you.....
    What position are you in the table log?? And how many matches to go? 
  6. Haha
    azoT93 got a reaction from ADEXYNA in Best tactics on soccer manager   
    Did you use arrows on 2/3 and 6/8?
    I started to use this tactic last season i had problems and now in new season i am fighting for title. Give time to payers to adapt...
    My last game in shield, play with my  2nd team and win 1:0 with red card in 32nd min

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    azoT93 reacted to Philodoof in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    To prevent it to be assumed, I’m not asking for predictions for those. I spent many hours making my own predictions. I just thought that might be an interesting topic to discuss and you do those things here too I noticed.
    The German football magazine Kicker chose it’s top Eleven for the just finished season, maybe some here are interested in that:
    Koen Casteels (Wolfsburg) – Jerome Boateng (Bayern), Naldo (Schalke), Mats Hummels (Bayern) – Charles Aranguiz (Leverkusen) - Nico Schulz (Hoffenheim), James Rodriguez (Bayern), Lars Bender (Leverkusen) – Andrej Kramaric (Hoffenheim), Serge Gnabry (Hoffenheim) – Robert Lewandowski (Bayern)
     That of course doesn’t mean those were automatically good buys. For example I had Casteels during the winter Rating Changes since he finally showed improvements in his play, but Soccermanager didn’t honor his improvements despite he is among the weakest rated goalkeepers in Germany, they let him stay. I personally think naming him the best keeper of the season is too much. His advantage was, that many players in the field in Wolfsburg played really disappointingly and so he tended to be the best player from Wolfsburg in matches. Goalkeepers often look better, the worse their colleagues play as they are often ineffected by bad team shapes. But I still think he should be rated way above the 86 he currently has. It seemed he finally had his breakthrough season. But I kind of doubt given no rating change in winter, that he will be a buy worth recommending. Since they didn’t improve his rating back then I would assume them to be sceptical enough on this player to only give him 87. It’s very interesting how different opinions on certain players can be.
    I also certainly wouldn’t name Nico Schulz as part of the Eleven of the season. He showed some nice improvements in the second part of the season in particular. But he also got some sunshine from how Hoffenheim played as a team. Yes he improved, but improving players tend to be hyped. I think there is other players on this position who have played better and/ore riper. For example no mather if David Alaba or Juan Bernat are playing for Bayern, you can clearly see they have a superior skill set although they weren’t lucky enough too be as much involved in goal scoring or assisting as Schulz or Max. So I think for this position they’ve rather been going with a hype here.
    Lars Bender is a player I would like to specifically address as well. Not because I disagree with Kickers choice, but because I disagree with Löw not taking him to Russia. From how he played this season Bender would have deserved it. But of course that’s not the way how it works. You don’t pick the best individual players, you gotta pick a team you think will be successful together, successful with the tactics you want to play. So I’m not gonna blame Löw for not taking him. Some strong players just have to stay at home, it’s always that way and I find it funny when coaches or fans get actually even furious about such squad decisions. If trainers would pick to either satisfy or spite public opinion, that’s what I think would actually be problematic. The important thing is a coach has a good plan, that he takes necessary steps to follow it through. But back to Lars Bender. I was surprised that apparently some people are fearing him to drop. He usually played really good when availabe for selection. He is a really reliable player who is in my opinion very important to the team. I would even call him the most important player in this years Leverkusen squad. The same as his brother Sven he has some tendencies to be injured and then miss some matches due to that. As long as the soccer manager admins do their job and note that his amount playing time was due to injuries, he shouldn’t be degraded. I personally even voted for a rise, since I think he is better than 90. His brother Sven Bender on the other hand I find worse than his current 90. He excelled at being a workhorse as a defensive midfielder. But those times are past. He nowadays usually plays a defender (maybe due to wearing off) and I don’t think he is as good at that job. Maybe there is the risk they might mix up those twins. 
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    azoT93 reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Page 200- didn't think we'd get here when I started this casually- thanks all
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    azoT93 got a reaction from thorgan lesar in WONDERKIDS   
    Dejan Joveljic (73) - Crvena Zvezda
    2 goals today for first team.
    44 goals in young league this season.
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    azoT93 reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    good stuff, keep
    probably sell
    why tho
    time to sell Iniesta
    not really
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    azoT93 reacted to ProfeQuintero in Rahul W's rating predictions   
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    azoT93 reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    probably not
    not sure in game
    but Rodrigo normally
    check my preds
    not sure
    no, no
    already got +2 to 87 in Dec, should be 88
    Weigl and Philipp shouldn't rise
    hmm, I'll try
    Bailey, Upamecano, Under, Chiesa, Tousart, Retsos, Maitland Niles
    not easy but I have the first two on top always, the rest is tougher
    chance is there but on gametime only 86
    probably not, should get 89 though
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    azoT93 reacted to TMCosta in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    The season is not over...imagine Roma in the final or winning the UCL (cof cof)...and 3º in Italy...
    Right now i say 20/80
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    azoT93 reacted to TMCosta in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Almost got it 3/4 years ago...i would love that  but...not there yet imo
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    azoT93 got a reaction from Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Ivan Ignatyev 0.3M => 1.8M also nice catch 
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    azoT93 reacted to TMCosta in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    +7 is the max in my mind...85 like samassekou...
    +5 is possible to
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    azoT93 reacted to -JMH- in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    HUGE talent but will take a few years to reach a decent level
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    azoT93 reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    not a sure shot seller but it's fine either way
    you can get way more for Weigl
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    azoT93 reacted to Monolithic in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Sell and buy another riser in his place.
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    azoT93 reacted to TMCosta in Worldwide Risers   
    Gelson +2 wow
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    azoT93 reacted to darkblade in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Short review for Portugal ?
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    azoT93 reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
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    azoT93 reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    check my prediction post
    and he deserved it
    hope so
    check my prediction post
    I'll try, can't promise
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    azoT93 reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    overpaying massively imo, atm
    Donna could get +1, but I'd go with Ederson
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    azoT93 reacted to Sir Rahul in Worldwide Risers   
    ah yes true
    stay imo
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