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    Trion got a reaction from Omre094 in Soccer Manager Worlds New User Interface   
    Hello SM,
    I have been playing SM since 2008 and have always enjoyed it.
    One way or another, i adjusted to every new changes made; but this new one should have had some sort of transition.
    Player wages, then valuations, then stadium increase, stuffs like that; and optimised along the way.
    I reckon you wanted to celebrate 10 years of SM by launching this but you guys have been busy with single player mode for so long and then tasked with this launch, that the mistakes are so damn evident to people who have been playing & analysing this game for long.
    The list below includes my club Darlington in a gameworld which is very active. Not just active in terms of game play but in game interaction as well.
    I am therefore really appreciative of SM that we had such a platform to interact about the game we love & Scouting is so damn fun.
    However, i will lose those managers because of unwillingness of SM to consider feedbacks from likes of RedSky who believe me is very thorough with his work.
    Stadium increase mistakes are rightly pointed out. I have moved from Division 5 to Division 1; and then won 2 domestic cups, with a good start to the season right now; yet my club has lowest capacity in the division; with newly promoted clubs getting 12k increases.
    Please try to consider feedback and a little assurance of you doing so, goes a long way.
    Customer Relation Management 101.
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    Trion got a reaction from Phil Brooks in Serie A Rating Predictions   
    Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13
    Hey Guys,
    How much will Pedro Obiang rise to?
    Since his last review, He has played 12 matches, completing 90mins in each of them, scoring once & assisting 5.
    Sampdoria are currently on 12th position, i guess.
    Any chances of 88 and around what month are they likely to review?
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    Trion got a reaction from argala in Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........   
    Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed?
    Still no sign of which league will be reviewed next.
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    Trion got a reaction from Elohim in The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread   
    Re: Fluff's and Pazz' Ligue 1 Rating Thread
    Will Sebastein Faure of Lyon really rise to 78?
    stats show he has made no appearances for Lyon this season.
    i may be wrong.
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    Trion got a reaction from spidermanbatman in young rb/lb   
    Re: young rb/lb
    and some players from Bari are going to rise..one of which is RB
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    Trion got a reaction from mr liucci in UEFA Champions League Discussion thread   
    Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread
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    Trion got a reaction from simmy-m in need a rb!   
    Re: need a rb!
    Hey i forgot to mention the best bargain of all..
    Glen Johnson rated 89 and will rise to 91..And will rise again to 92..
    If you are in old setup..
    He might be in Portsmouth..
    Try getting him..
    Trust me if you get him..
    You Rb spot is not an issue anymore..
    Luckily i have him and Rafael both
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    Trion got a reaction from mr liucci in Chelsea banned from Transfers   
    Re: Chelsea banned from Transfers
    i know someone will bring this up..
    Its true we buy loads of youngsters but this is the issue of tapping up the players which means binding the player without any compensation to parent club..
    Apart from Merida,Arsenal never tapped any youngster..
    For eg-Carlos vela was bought for 2.7m
    16 year old goal keeper martinez was bought for about 2m this summer..
    So Arsenal pay well over the odds for this youngsters and in this process Parent club is satisfied by compensation as well..
    None of the clubs have come out and said Arsenal has lured away their prospect with money and arranging jobs for their parents..
    Like Manchester United did with Macheda..
    No way Arsenal's procedure is similar to be subjected to such bans..
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    Trion got a reaction from DerbyPower in vermaelen to go up   
    Re: vermaelen to go up
    1.Wenger bought him for 10m..
    Wenger bought a defender for so much..First signal..
    2.Wenger is buying a defender who will be first choice..Second signal..
    3.He is 88 rated at just 8.5m..Not a big gamble at all to take..
    Its great most here prefer to buy established old players so i had very less resistance to buy Vermaelen and the gamble paid off..
    Another Player similar is Thiago Silva 89 rated first choice for Milan..
    Its great when all go for big ones while few of us go for Bargains like Vermaelen,Thiago and Pique
    as per topic..
    90 for sure in this rating and 92 if form continue till April..
    First English rating change will be after 5th of october or so..
    Till then Vermaelen will have almost 12 league appearance and couple of Champions league appearance..
    Not sure but he will also be called up for National team by then..
    Also he has not had a rise since long even when he was captain of Ajax..
    So 90 is very much the certainty..
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    Trion got a reaction from HRVATSKA in Carlos ORLANDO SA - 10K BUY MUST!   
    Re: Carlos ORLANDO SA - 10K BUY MUST!
    draga...good spot...but now you are going to be attacked by old thread diggers..
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    Trion got a reaction from 09aparker in Yohan Mollo- Talent in AS Monaco   
    Yohan Mollo-Monaco riser/talent?
    Yohan Mollo is 19 year old midfielder playing for AS MONACO in french ligue1.
    He played 21 times 14 starts 7sub summing upto 1407 minutes with 2 goals and 3 assists.
    Not sure how much since last change.
    He is rated 78..So how much will he rise?
    How good is he in terms of prospect, as a player.
    Does he have a bright future?
    I couldnt find a single thread on him, so its my find now.:)ehhahaha
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    Trion got a reaction from Seftinho in Sergio Romero   
    Re: Sergio Romero
    I wish all players i buy never have such passion.
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    Trion got a reaction from Neller in Manu should consider buying a class Central Midfielder.   
    I am bringing this up when they are winning because i find it more sensible to do so instead of moaning when they are on bad run.
    I am Arsenal fan but like Manu so please dont say that i shouldnt poke my nose.
    Manu should consider buying a class Central Midfielder. The partnership of Fletcher and Carrick seems like two defensive midfielders.Both are good players and havent forgotten about Anderson but still.
    I know the current Manu tactics lays all emphasis on Wingers but there will be a need someday for their Center to shine.They do have money and network to find someone..Right
    Even Giggs was played in centre against Chelsea.
    Imo Manu are just one signing away from being a perfect team.
    What do you say?
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    Trion got a reaction from Smartdoc in Let Wenger do his job   
    Please read the complete report before making any comments or just stay away.
    I am really frustrated by many who keep on
    saying "Arsene Wenger is fooling Arsenal fans and is taking Arsenal towards downfall".I couldnt stand it anymore and wanted to get few things out of my system.
    This people are mainly from outside Uk(well, even i am not from Uk but i keep tabs of club i support) or people who think football is a game of winning trophies by buying big players on any expense.They dont have any idea what are other parameters of management.
    Ofcourse Arsenal need to win matches, trophies and we were quiet close last season, so we are not very far away.
    But that dosent mean fans expect big money signing after each loss.
    Financial Stability
    Arsenal is not as big club as everyone think it is when compared to Barcelona, Real Madrid or Manchester United who have stadium capacity of beyond 80,000; huge fan following,and financial capability of buying 10 players of 100million worth each year.
    But thats not the case with Arsenal.Arsene Wenger was always placed in restriction and since the construction of our new stadium, liberty is even more narrowed.Arsenal is to pay huge dividend for next 16 years for loan taken for stadium.Ofcourse there are player wages, staff and board profits, and so on. It only takes a great manager to balance all this and still make profit.I would love to see Arsenal on par with Barcelona rather than just winning for time being.Above all we dont have any other debts.We would see what happens when liverpool move for their proposed new stadium with all the debts they have.Imagine what if Roman ask chelsea to repay all the millions they owe to him.
    Style of play
    I became an Arsenal fan even when they were not winning anything,just because of their beautiful game unlike others "oh, chelsea have won title- i m chelsea fan; oh, Robinho joined city-i m city fan".Some might argue that your beautiful game is not going to win you anything.They win fans alright and it has won us titles before and more will come.
    Wenger is criticized for being stubborn with his principle and i am glad he is.Only a great manager will stick to his tactics even in testing circumstances whereas most, recently Rednap and Scolari have abandon his players and told them to do anything to win.
    Transfer Policy
    I remember someone saying wenger and his transfer policy is pathetic. Comeon he is only manager to make profit over transfers. He is the best bargainer and will never pay for a player more from what he is actually worth.If i compare any manager with him over transfers, he will win by huge margin.For every Ballack we have Nasri, for every Keane, we have vela.
    First Team Squad
    After departure of Henry and Gilberto, wenger is preparing a third set of squad which seems small but if you look carefully, we are going to have a big squad by end of coming summer.
    Utility man-Eboue
    CB-Toure,Djourou,Gallas,Silvest,a new signing may be.
    LB-Clichy,Gibbs,Pedro(can play Lm)
    CM-Fabregas,Denilson,Nasri,Diaby,Song,Ramsey,Bischoff,Barazite,anyone new
    LM-Rosicky,Fran Merida
    ST-Van Persie,Adebayor,Eduardo,Bendtner,Vela,Simpson.
    And he is tracking every player if we lose someone as we lost Flamini.
    For eg:if we lose any striker,we are linked with Martins as he will be a free transfer this summer(i am not aware whether he signed a new deal).
    We also witness big signing when needed.
    Youth development and Scouting network
    Wenger has always been criticized for not playing English players and even i thought he was biased.It seems it took him time to setup a youth arena where he can develop young english player into the demands of Arsenal kind of football, which were difficult to get earlier or were too expensive to buy which English players usually are, take Bentley for instance-what amount Totemhan had to pay!
    Our Scouting network is something to be envied by other clubs.We have been able to trace and get every talent possible.
    Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho were all under our radar but work permit, passport or Carlos Quiroz factor went against us.
    I dont mind Rivals criticizing us and saying we will end up in 5th spot which i did last year with Liverpool but whats with Arsenal fans who want everything changed with each loss and even demanding Wenger to sacked.
    Just try to support positively.Remember
    In Wenger , we trust.
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    Trion got a reaction from The Phenom in Lorenz Ariaudo Juve starter   
    Re: Lorenz Ariaudo Juve starter
    Sorry to be party spoiler for some who dont want to reveal that he is added with 75 rating
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