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  1. Gnabry or Werner? How would a hypothetical Werner transfer to Bayern affect each of them?
  2. Please rank: ARTHUR, Melo LEMAR, Thomas RABIOT, Adrien NDOMBÉLÉ, Tanguy
  3. Thank you, some really good GK advice there! 👍
  4. Thanks again for your perspective. I’m honestly not too keen on either, given De Gea is far more costly and United not inspiring much confidence right now. Quite a thin market out there for GKs in general I guess.
  5. Thanks mate. This is pretty much what I was thinking, given Courtois costs about 15 mill less than De Gea, and United being unpredictable and without Champions League football. Both are less than ideal options though IMO. I would have preferred one of Ederson, Allison, Oblak or Ter Stegen. Any other lower rated GKs you can think of, who may hit a high ceiling in coming months?
  6. Thanks for your reply, mate. Yeah it certainly isn’t the most competitive game world. You sure about De Gea? I would have thought he is due for a decrease given his and United’s struggles of late? His form for Spain hasn’t been great either imo?
  7. So I've taken over a team in a somewhat competitive gameworld, and have a few options available to buy. I'd appreciate any input on ratings for these 4 players who I've shortlisted: COURTOIS - 93 currently. Only other 93+ GKs available are Neuer and De Gea. Courtois still a possibility to rise, if he cements his position as #1 in Madrid and they have a better season? Eden HAZARD, GRIEZMANN and DE BRUYNE - all 95 currently. Hazard and Griezmann at new, bigger clubs this season, and KDB coming back from an injury-plagued season. Any thoughts?
  8. Thanks for your replies! I ended up going with Darlow, who didn't get a rise for some reason
  9. Looking for a relatively cheap goalkeeper (value 3m or so) who will rise and give a significant profit eventually. Thinking Ruben Blanco (Celta Vigo, 21 yrs, 83 rated , 2.6m), though he has been injured of late. Any other options to consider? Dragowski, Didillon come to mind... opinions appreciated.
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