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  1. After all the negative events in the club, they managed to stabilize. They had enough luck with the schedule (+ player more against Leipzig). Ibišević is the key of their attack, and Cunha took all the chances to score (but I remember his bad finishing from Leipzig). Hertha's main problem would be the unclear status of Grujić next season, as well as cohesion between Cunha / Piatek. Piatek has been proven to be very narcissistic, and his status (as reserve) can't make a good vibe. Cunha's story reminds me of the development of Davie Selke. He is a good player, but he will have to correct many things in order to do something bigger. He missed the last game (concussion), but things are going in the right direction for him.
  2. I wouldn't. Cunha is now a step back in his career. It is not a coincidence that he left Leipzig. He had a very big problem with his tactical indiscipline and selfishness. Chukwueze is an interesting and attractive player, and that's why people love his play. Although dribbling is his strongest attribute, he doesn’t use it the right way. He often trying to cut inside between 3-4 players, instead of playing simplier. It is not excluded that he will go to a stronger club. Dani Olmo is a diamond. He chose the right club for his development. People have already forgotten his dominance at the EURO U21. I have no doubt that he will be a standard member of the national team in the coming years, as well as that he will be ready to play for clubs like Barcelona.
  3. What happened to Arne Maier (Hertha). Just injuries or something else?
  4. Leon Goretzka - What a physical transformation!
  5. BUNDESLIGA looks like a display window for footballers.
  6. #1 Klostermann - amazing versatility player, probably one of the main players of German national team. I'm not impressed with Dias & Elvedi. In my opinion, Francisco Ferro is better player then Ruben Dias. If we look at stats from this season, Ndidi never played DC in Premier League.
  7. Naby Keita Wait or Trade? As a big fan of his play, there is big doubt about him because of injury prone.
  8. Charles De Ketelaere What's the plan in Club Brugge with him? I was very delighted with his vision and ability to dominate in small space.
  9. Harrison MARCELIN (Monaco / ex Auxerre) Imran LOUZA (Nantes) Nathanael MBUKU (Stade de Reims) Opinion? I'm looking for clear football informations about their quality (not transfer rumours).
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