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  1. thank you all, I made the exchange in the end and I think I have earned it.
  2. I received this offer: kimmich 26/95 + Joao Jota 22/82 -> Felix 21/91 + Pavard 25/91 I have Felix + Pavard
  3. for me: de paul 100% Correa 80% mahrez 0% chiesa 50% salah+kane now - Mbappe for long-term project tomorrow only pavard for me if Halland is 93 sancho is ok 92 .i was hoping for haaland 94 and sancho 93 no hope in my opinion
  4. IMO +1 mbappe I go against the tide, I say Konsa no unfortunately he is a bit out of the ATM game, I think he is holding back in his career.
  5. Di Lorenzo +1 Imo no Castagne 90 maybe R. James 90 yes Wan-bissaka 91 yes Lewa balon d'or + fifa world player for me
  6. I'm a Juve fan so I hope with all my heart that Donnarumma is ours but I see it hard. he asks for 10 million and we are in trouble with CR7's salary.if Ronaldo goes away then certainly Donnarumma arrives duo trio 100% I hope so, he deserves it
  7. πŸ” πŸ‘€ SCOUT ALLERT - YAYAH KALLON (Genoa) Born in 2001, striker of the Genoa Primavera, Kallon arrived in Italy with the boat, after having traveled all over Africa on foot for eight months, before leaving for Europe. At 14, he had to flee Sierra Leone to avoid a tragic fate. Kallon made his debut on the final matchday of Serie A 2020/2021. For him an entire portion of the game, the second, seasoned with many extremely positive things and also by a goal canceled for a millimeter offside position. Mr Ballardini said: "I only saw Kallon on Wednesday and I was angry to have seen him only three days before the end of the championship: this is a very serious guy and of great quality, and what he has been through gives him more motivation. When I saw him I was immediately struck in training ". https://www.transfermarkt.it/yayah-kallon/profil/spieler/623040
  8. IMO yes, he's the strongest bomber in the world Lewa yes I think that it's more difficult for Muller to increase difficult for Suarez to increase but it should be Correa 92 Yes!
  9. I think not, he played badly. From January to today only 4 goals it would be right -1 I think, but maybe because he plays with Italy he remains 91 I prefer Vlahovic bub i think both of them can become 91+. it depends on where they are going to play in the next few years.
  10. in order of my preference Zaniolo C Baumgartner H.Traore Tonali Elmas all the others
  11. hello I saw that many of the forums are in this world and I tried to ask to enter. thank you if I am acceptedπŸ₯Ί
  12. yes I think it is possible, atanta 2nd or 3rd in Serie A and again in the Champions League. excellent playing time and performance πŸ˜‰ Is the last opportunity to raise, he is 30 years old.
  13. Vlahovic YES in 2021 is on fire I don't know if I would sell romagnoli to pau torres, he had bad performances at Milan but he is young and he is in the national team.
  14. Thanks a lot friend, I was active at the beginning on the Italian forum but then it was closed πŸ˜”. now I see that the forum and in general the game is abandoned by SM owners and it is sad because it's a beautiful game, it just needs to be updated. I also tried SM ELITE in Beta but I'm not convinced for the moment. With the Italian managers of my game world we see each other live and have dinners, we have set up a Cup for whoever wins league 1, and we have a whatsapp chat for the market, so the game is more interesting. I'm happy that there is still a community here😊. thank you for your feedback and corrections to the club names.πŸ˜‰
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