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  1. You also gave Derby County 4 out of their 11 points in 2007-08 🤣🤣
  2. I'm starting to think they like being spanked 9-0 😂😂
  3. Benjamin Pavard scored an own goal then got sent off for my team today 🤣🤣
  4. I actually feel sorry for Arsenal at this point
  5. I don't even have a clue who these players are lmao.
  6. I had my results from yesterday and today.
  7. I use SM as example sometimes in studies. It helps you remember more easily
  8. To be clear I was asking for the European GWs not the World Championships. I found out that in those, there is only 1 play-off match and that happens 4 days after the last league game.
  9. How many days after the final match is the promotion play-off final? If I play my first team in the league game will they be fit for the final?
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