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  1. Leno, Joe Gomez, Lindelof to rise? How much will David Silva drop by?
  2. I have been offered Sensi for Fernandinho+ J. Correa Do I accept?
  3. @Soccahappy Have you done one for Liverpool? I can't find anything Thanks
  4. Swap Muller for Akanji and Frank Kessie?
  5. @Milanista1 Why is @ombarcagunners always posting those emojis on your replies?
  6. Keep/sell Hermoso? Sell Muller for Partey?
  7. Fabinho and FDJ to keep their CB position?
  8. I have been offered Joe Gomez+ A. Correa for Muller. Do I take it? What is the ceiling for Correa?
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