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  1. same except Kimmich starts in place of Walker and Kroos in place of Coutinho
  2. Benjamin Mendy and Davinson Sanchez could rise in winter review?
  3. Pavard Suarez. Kane needs to win trophies to get a higher rating now Costa. Reus is injury prone Laporte
  4. I guess you meant morning not moron. My apologies, made a fool of my self
  5. Mate you called me a moron. You started this. If you notice when I replied to you first, I didn't say anything rude to you
  6. And how many of them have a rating more than 80? They still have to do Saul, Giminez and Oblak and the whole of Barcelona. You might wanna wait before crying about Oblak
  7. Is the game down for anyone else? I have two cup finals and I can't see the results
  8. Well that was fun. The World Cup is up and alive!
  9. Accept it. If he reaches level 5 he will leave for cash only, now atleast you will get Goretzka He won't(shouldn't) rise
  10. Julen Lopetegui sacked by Spain one day before the World cup...pure madness
  11. They didn't drop Reus for 2-3 injury filled seasons. Neuer has one of those, he drops
  12. Why so many Dortmund players droping?
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