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  1. Rilo


    Guaratingueta now have 3 x Division 2 titles.
  2. I am sort of ok with the changes, never felt comfortable with where some players could play in certain formations, but I have 2 issues. 1. How it was done. We should have ensured players positions were up to date before implementing. 2. Although I don't spend much time on the game anymore, I always altered my formations to suit the opposition. Or I made changes to the formation if I was loosing at 60mins/75mins. These changes make it virtually impossible because concerns dont let you keep decent players to suit different formations, this is another dumbing down of the game and unreali
  3. Rilo


    Guaratinguetá outclassed Barcelona B and beat them 1 - 0 in their Division 2 fixture. Villalba had an impressive game and was voted Man of the Match. Jiménez was on the scoresheet for his side. Up to 4th so still looking for promotion. Really tight in the 2nd division with nobody really performing well. Top team has only won 4 out of 9
  4. Rilo


    Guaratinguetá have finished Ninth in Division 1. Apologies for my lack of posts recently, have really not spent as much time on the game as I should, which has lead to relegation. I will give it my best to get us promoted next year. I see the curse has struck again, this has got to be more than a coincidence. Guaratingueta champions in seasons 8 + 9, relegated the following year. Rayo Vallecano champions in seasons 10 +11, relegated the following year. Rochdale champions in seasons 12 + 13, relegated the following year. Look out Cam Lucas, you may enjoy next year but not the following
  5. Rilo


    Apart from my best defender getting sent off, neither have I Been away on Holiday for lat 3 weeks and find myself in bottom 2. Need a good second half of the season.
  6. Rilo


    Guaratinguetá were unlucky not come away with the win after drawing 1 - 1 against Siena in their Division 1 fixture. Wow, even the game feed thinks we were unlucky. 63% of possession and opposition fielded 2 ineligible players. Hope the 2 lost points isn't crucial at the end of the season.
  7. Rilo


    Welcome and good luck.
  8. And you would of funded the growth of your squad and higher wages how?
  9. So how would a squad cap of 50 have helped your Division 4 team? You appear to be talking about getting the next big thing from a top club, there is always a bidding war for these. Even with a squad cap, your lowly team and budget probably wouldn't win it. Even if you did, where's the next one coming from, how are you going to get the revenue to pay his wages when he rises to 90+, you would still have to sell him. I agree that SM could introduce different revenue streams for smaller teams should there be a squad cap, but as it stands, a 50 player squad cap would empty out GW's.
  10. Taken the following from the help section, hope it helps. The player could have developed the concern for a number of reasons, including being loaned out, their current wage, lack of opportunity at the club and a lack of games. For example. First team players expect to play 65-75% of games. High rated players dont like being loaned out. If a player has only played in 2 of 15 games for example, which is less than the 65-75%, then they would develop a Level 1 Concern. Even if you played them for the next 15 games, they would still develop a Level 2 Concern as they would have only played in
  11. So you believe the game should only be played one way? There are indeed many managers like you, however there are also many managers like me (although this is now getting less with the slow down of player ratings in recent years). We also want to win stuff, but want the challenge of building up a team and not just taking over a ready made team with a big stadium to give us revenue. Like I have said before, if you remove the possibility of small clubs improving themselves using transfer revenue from small rated risers, then you will only have managers taking over the bigger clubs in Leagues. W
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