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  1. I've received an offer of Jerome Boateng and Frenkie De Jong for Van Dijk. Good deal?
  2. hey all, just a random thing I'm posting up but does anyone have any problems dealing with managers when you have a highly sought after player? I have Mbappe and I'm trying to get deals done for various other players that they have but they refuse to negotiate with me unless I sell them Mbappe to them for a 2 for 1 deal where the player(s) I'm after is included in the deal. I feel that managers like this are killing the game and the transfer market in the respective setups. I have been with this club since 2006 and I've never had this problem before but now i have at least 3 managers doing thi
  3. Would you rather have Lo Celso or Arthur?
  4. Would you rather have Virgil Van Dijk or Presnel Kimpembe and Lucas Hernandez?
  5. That’s a great deal! Boateng likely to drop so I would take it
  6. Hey guys, is it worth keeping hold of Thomas Lemar? He currently sits on my bench and I know he won’t rise any time soon but could he be a future 92+ player? Thanks
  7. hey again guys, what do you think Milan Skriniar's rating cap is? I'm thinking if he stays at inter he won't go above 92. just thinking of selling him and try and improve my defence with an older but better player. thanks
  8. I've been offered Ronaldo and Rodrygo for Kane. what do you guys think I should do?
  9. All I want to know is how is it decided where the free agent goes? Me and several other teams have bid on players but the same team 95% of the time gets the player/s. It really winds me up as we bid the same amount yet I can bid first or they can bid first but it’s almost certain that they will go to that club
  10. Still no rise for Carvajal, if Varane and Casemiro deserve 93 then so does Carvajal 😡
  11. I’ve been offered Thomas Lemar and Naby Keita for Isco, what would you guys do?
  12. please could you rate the following CB's Van Dijk, Nacho, Skriniar, Sanchez, Herandez, Kimpembe, De Ligt, Upamecano
  13. Hey guys I'm new to the forum but not the game, I've been playing for well over 10 years and I have a few questions to ask. who would you rather have Koke or Gareth Bale I have Koke and I'm unsure over a potential deal
  14. I've been on SM for over 10 years and this is my first post. what I am wondering is how do free agents decide what club they go to? me and one other team seem to bid on the same free agents and external players quite often and it feels like 90% of the time they go to the other team. all i am wondering is how is this decided as it doesn't feel random at all
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