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  1. They have no clue, again no rise for saul niguez or Casemiro sad how this game is becoming a joke with the way they rate players
  2. Isco 93 but Casemiro still 92 maybe tomorrow he might rise? I have seen Asensio has gone from 87 to 91 in less then a year so hopefully Niguez should get a rise tomorrow as he has more minutes this season then Asensio has and has been more consistent in the last year as well
  3. hopefully rises for niguez and casemiro as it is long overdue
  4. Cant believe Bakayoko got no rise surely this is a mistake he was on fire for Monaco last season admittedly not on fire this season for chelsea but cmon or am I being too optimistic?
  5. Can anyone see Firminho getting a 93 in the summer ratings I feel he is very underrated and hopefully a good world cup might help this. Also Salah I feel should be 93 now if Robben,Alexis Sanchez, Diego Costa, Benzema, Reus and Muller can be 94 then how can he only be 92 he has had more minutes in the last 18 months then all of them scored more goals and performed more more consistently just my opinion
  6. thank you the reply mate and explanation, much appreciated
  7. I think most of these rating changes have been based off last season form so in that case he was very good last season and should get a rise hopefully
  8. i cant believe you said he wont get a rise but respect your opinion
  9. Thinking of buying Bakayoko but only if he can reach 91 in the ratings you guys think it is likely
  10. sorry mate im confused so do I have to contact the game to tell them or is their nothing that will make a difference I cannot believe such a mistake lol
  11. Thank you to all who replied, on another note can explain to me why Toni Moya of A Madrid is retiring? I cannot find anything online to confirm this but the game has said end of season he is retiring
  12. Andre Gomes of Barcelona do you guys think he could go to 89 or his his 90 safe
  13. Bakayoko of chelsea any chance of a 91 or is 90 his limit?
  14. Any chance of a rise for Carvajal, marcelo and decrease for busquets? thank you in advance for your reply Sir Rahul
  15. Ac milan will be very interesting suso maybe might get a rise anyone think? and their keeper donnarumma maybe?
  16. Looks like Suso will not get any increase do you guys think he deserves a plus 1?
  17. have to disagree with you but it is about opinions so all good cant agree wth rudy, kovacic, felipe anderson etc being the same rating as kimmich but hopefully your right and he gets is reward soon
  18. Sir Rahul as a new guy could you please direct me to where the rating increase criteria is for this game as im very confused regarding Kimmich thank you sir
  19. not harboring any hopes after seeing the debacle of the German league ratings
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