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  1. Lmao, De Gea developed concerns in November 2016. (Despite playing every league game/) He played every single game for the next 3 seasons and they didn't go down. My only other keeper (Donnarumma) then developed concerns. He has played almost ever single game this season (costing me the league) and they went up, not down. De Gea still has concerns. They haven't even dropped. Donnarumma is on Level 4 after a season of over 20 starts and 20 subs. They are my only 2 goalkeepers and that is only a microcosm of the idiocy across my team. What would you? In all your fabulous glory do?
  2. This is it. I'm leaving. Joined: 25 Sep 2010 Leaving: 14 June 2017 Anyone who wants to play a good manager game, try; https://www.pitchsidemanager.com/
  3. 3 trophies in 12 months....zzz likely to be 4... Holders of FA Cup League Cup Community Shield and in the final of the Europa League.... backwards? with Bailly....Rashford...Martial...Pogba...De Gea...Shaw...Lingard... tied least amount of losses this season? longest unbeaten run this season? 2nd to least amount of goals conceded?? ... looking like our future is bright zzzz
  4. I'm not denying I'm player hoarding......>.> The gameworld was active and alive when I joined and I was by no means near the top. I built this team and yadda yadda it gradually died. But my point STILL stands. What's the point in scouting if this is the end result..... I'm not saying it is realistic or not, but I'm not breaking any rules and I'm bettering both my finances and my squad. Hoarding is just a term used by jealous managers zzzzz
  5. He's gone, you're not getting a player back once they reach level 5 concerns. you seem fairly is balanced i'd stick with kimmich and weigl personally because they are looking like potential mid 90 players. but at the same time your attacking needs strengthening and hazard is a great buy neymar isnt good value for money, the money would be better spent spread across your team....
  6. 11 managers.... 6 of them are above 250 Rep As for the players, I never said I needed them but I am being penalised for making smart investments. I bought these players over several years for the increase in money and incase any of them turn out to be good. After all, why buy a player when he's 94 rated and costs 50 mil when you can get him 7 years earlier for 5mil??? My full squad IS enough, I can theoretically pick 5/6 of my favourite youths and sell the rest, only to buy them back later when my current squad turns out. But if I am going to sell players I will do it because I want to, not because they scrapped 90 less than 6 months ago.
  7. I would sell my oldies if I had any, average age is 26 and the only realy oldie is Ibra who doesnt even look like he may decrease for a while. I get I'm not SUPPOSED to acquire such a big team, but am I in the wrong for doing so? And as for my gameworld empting, it's the fullest one I'm in with 12 individual mangers and a constant fight for the top 4 places. I've already reserved myself to selling Sterling, fine. He looks like he's peaked imo. My problem is the fact that I cannot have 90+ players because someone has decided that they need to play. I loan them out, they get a full season games, but I don't think it's fair that they try to play in the first team. when they are nowhere near it. The only way I'd be able to fit in Weigl, Alli, Bernandos, Rabiot, Goretzka, Kovavic and Saul into my midfield would be for me to sell ALL of my first team midfielders. and before you say "too many midfielders" half of them weren't 90 rated 6 months ago or is scouting a problem too? tsk
  8. Ive been waiting for half my SM career for this, I've sold him 2 times in frustration and bought him back thrice now... depends on yoiur team and what youre going for I personally would buy Rabiot/Weigl/Sane - all potential risers if i need attack though, hazard and icardi would do it looking at the list of availabel players though, kimmich and weigl are 2 players i'd be desperate to snatch up
  9. Alli, Saul, Mbappe, Asensio Agree with the first to. Also...reading this about 'scouters', is this why David Alaba has not gone up in nearly 3 years??? because I am PISSED when every single review he STAYS THE SAME. ewgwefgwegw And this...omg this...I didnt even realise....how does this make any sense??? your value decreasing when u rise.... SM can officially suck my d
  10. I know I wasn't really in this conversation but Benzema is dreadful compared to Aub. He's at a good team, usually plays against clubs much weaker than his and even then has a sub-par goal and assist tally. He's a striker through and through and despite the great club he has behind him is rather sub-par. Let's compare him to someone with an almost identical role in their team and playstyle. Suarez. " Suarez scored in about 2 seasons with Barca nearly half as many (0.56 to be precise) as Benzema scored for Real in 7 seasons. That’s a gigantic difference. “ What about assists ? ”, you may ask. Well, it’s almost identical. In about 2 seasons of UCL and La Liga, Suarez made nearly half as many (0.57 to be precise) as Benzema made with Real in 7 seasons in the same competitions. " THIS is what Benzema should be doing with the team he has. And it's very arguable that Madrid have a better team than Barca. And before you argue that Benzema isn't their main goal-scorer, well neither is Suarez at Barcelona. To return to my original point, Aubameyang has nowhere near the same level of support that Benzema has around him. If you put Aub (who is already outperforming Benzema in a near-identical league) in an even BETTER team. Then it stands to reason he'll only do better. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, while we're on the topic of stat increases; http://www.squawka.com/news/why-are-barcelona-so-good-with-samuel-umtiti/918357#uxfS1K6Z2aLIXjb2.97 this is terrifying...he's rated 90
  11. NO , especially when my first team is 94-95 my bench is 93 and my YOUTHS are 80-91 I goddamned earned these players, I'm not ing selling them to Jim who's 8 hours old managing West Brom. I've had Raheem Sterlign for 2 years and he's gone up from mid 80's to 91. Am I to be punished for making a smart investment?
  12. Double post boo sue me. This is just a question but does anyone actually prefer to new interface to the old one?
  13. I had to copy and paste the quote cause I don't know and can't be bothered to learn how to quote to another thread. I don't even know why the forum has been changed but 2 people probably think it's "slick" and that's all that matters isn't it? A Quote from footballz at 20/06/2016 at 5:45AM "Thought of something to add to the History of Clubs, that would be really cool. I was just in my first Custom, bought in 2007. Been around for 21 seasons now, and it's about to start its 22nd. Was looking around the history of the league, more specifically, the history of my club, and who's managed the club, and the clubs trophies and what not. When I realized, that all these things done, were done by the players, which I have no idea, what the club looked like then, or who was even playing then, at the club, when they won that trophy. I manage Liverpool in this league. Been the only manager of the club, this whole time. I can kind of remember, who started, like Carragher, and a few others. I even think I remember Dudek still on the team, when I first started it. But, there's no where for that to be found, and it kind of sucks. So, what I was thinking, was, at the beginning of each season, there needs to be a squad pic, or a squad list made, of the player's names, age, rating, just a few simple things, to kind of throw a picture to it all. I feel this could be simply added, somewhere in SM, and would make the experience of looking at the history, and seeing what happened back in the day, at clubs, pretty cool. I already find it pretty interesting, but, just kind of got a little pissed thinking about this. To see the transition of each, would be so cool, and I wish it had been going on already, from the beginning. You could see where Managed clubs, came in and bought a bunch of players, season by season, when it was unmanaged at a club, then see, when it has become managed, the transition of players in, and what this manager likes, and is trying to do. Just something, I think, would be cool to see. A Squad History, you could say."
  14. Damn.....this is a mess. I gotta agree with this guy. 80% of the reason I became addicted was because of the OLD interface. 80% of the reason I'm tempted to leave is because of the NEW interface. Honestly, the old interface, iit was, it IS amazing. And I'm not just saying that. The ONLY reason people are so damn angry is because you've taken something so damn good and ran it into the ground. When we say we don't like it, it's not because we hate change, or we're picky or we're ungrateful. But you literally took the most perfect thing about the game and ruined it. How else are we supposed to react? I've spent 7 years on this game. It is the only thing I have willingly done for such a long period of time. And if not for the sheer amount of time and effort I've put into my main GW then I would have left the day the new interface came out. Honestly? If the concerns remain unfixed, all my hard work will be undone anyways....leaving me with no choice but to go anyway. I suggested it before and I'll suggest it again; a simple voting mechanism on new ideas where each managers reputation = their voting power. Simple. I love this game and I don't want to go but you are practically pushing away the community.
  15. Good point, I might just quit playing regular worlds and play worlds with no concerns It's that or I'm quitting...
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