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  1. How can I file for a refund? I could do for the custom world and then pay for it again and it should work fine since i'm already a gold member. i think the bug happened because i bought the custom world while not being a gold member.
  2. Just did. Hopefully they will get back to me very soon. Thank you so much!!
  3. Okay guys so I bought a custom world and never got an ID to access my world, and it never showed on my profile as it was supposed to. I later realized my gold membership had expired and I need to be a gold manager to have a custom world. I then proceeded to pay a gold membership thinking everything would go back to normal. Except it hasn't. Originally payed for a custom world on May 7 and for the gold membership on May 10. I emailed support@soccermanager.com on May 7 because I couldn't understand why I didn't get the ID for my world in my receipt and haven't heard back since. I don't know what to at this point. Any help will be greatly appreciated.