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  1. My doubt Is who Will rise more this review, I thought the two Will get a +1 but maybe with the hype arround the barca Arthur could get a +2. Do you think on the contrary Benta Will rise more?
  2. Oh nice! Thank you very much for the explanation
  3. Why the value of rodri didn't drop? Yesterday he turns 23, how It works?
  4. Do you think torreira will rise tomorrow or Arsenal is finished and he will stay?
  5. Tnks! And Kyle Walker? Should he reach 93 in this review?
  6. Hi, who do you think is better between diallo and lenglet? Do you think lenglet should rise in this review?
  7. Rosario, neuhaus and maier: keep or sell?
  8. Thanks mate! yes it isn't a competitive gameword, we are only 5-6 player, but the purpose is to win the premier league with the guiseley (club of 5th division) so it's easier in this gameword 😅.
  9. Hi guys, I need an advice, I have tousard and aouar and I'm thinking to sell them to buy rodri Hernandez and Bentancur. Do you think it's a good idea? Or it's should be better to keep aouar, sell tousard, haidara and hannes wolf and use this money with 7 millions that I have already to buy hernandez and bentancur? Thanks
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