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  1. Rosario, neuhaus and maier: keep or sell?
  2. Thanks mate! yes it isn't a competitive gameword, we are only 5-6 player, but the purpose is to win the premier league with the guiseley (club of 5th division) so it's easier in this gameword 😅.
  3. Hi guys, I need an advice, I have tousard and aouar and I'm thinking to sell them to buy rodri Hernandez and Bentancur. Do you think it's a good idea? Or it's should be better to keep aouar, sell tousard, haidara and hannes wolf and use this money with 7 millions that I have already to buy hernandez and bentancur? Thanks
  4. How much do you think he will grow up in next review?
  5. Unfortunately I can't, because I haven't enough budget. I'm selling hakimi because I have also odriozola and amian on the right. Indeed I need a dc but if alexander Arnold will grow up faster than pavard I could use amian as dc. Or there is some dc better than pavard at the same budget? (10M)
  6. Hakimi or calabria? Kevin Rodrigues or Jordan lukaku?
  7. So i should sell han to buy wolf? How much they will rise?
  8. Han (Cagliari) or wolf (Salzburg)?
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