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  1. 16 hours ago, Milanista1 said:

    Personally I would choose Arthur because right now Arthur is doing very well for Brazil at the Copa America, and i would add that he is probably just slightly the better player out of the two as well.

    He has better control in the midfield area.  It's just a case of Arthur solidifying a regular starting spot at Barca. 

    On the other hand in SM terms R.Bentancur is probably the right choice as he could get a rise in the next review. 



    13 hours ago, sirmarkhughes said:

    Bentacur is an easy choice here for me. Buy now before his rise.

    My doubt Is who Will rise more this review, I thought the two Will get a +1 but maybe with the hype arround the barca Arthur could get a +2. Do you think on the contrary Benta Will rise more? 


    4 hours ago, vitor_mfc said:

    Keep Neuhaus and Maier. They are good players, they have a bright future ahead of them, but it depends on what alternatives are available on your game world. Worst case scenario they'll get +2/+1 respectively in next review and you'll sell them for a higher price.


  3. 5 hours ago, vitor_mfc said:

    It depends of what you want or need position wise, i think Pavard will settle as a Center Back in long term. Potential, both got great potential. Can't you get both?

    Unfortunately I can't, because I haven't enough budget. I'm selling hakimi because I have also odriozola and amian on the right. Indeed I need a dc but if alexander Arnold will grow up faster than pavard I could use amian as dc. Or there is some dc better than pavard at the same budget? (10M)

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