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  1. Hope moubt doesnt go 90 yet it'll give me a headache of who to get rid of again eurgh
  2. If say so just depends if he breaks through into the first team depending on who is sold and whether they buy or use youth
  3. Delli alli, niguez, fabinho, aour, frenkie de jong, odegaard for cm two to go who do we think?
  4. Hans nicolussi caviglia is he good enough to make it at juventus or not?
  5. Why are sm going so slow again champs league perhaps? Sorry about the box cant delete
  6. Thankyou i just cant find anywhere and the guy is being pretty outrageous in what he has said, cos i wont give up my team to him
  7. Does anyone know if you can report a manager in the game for private messages that are abusive?
  8. B mendy man city one dude And kante because of injuries and age?
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