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  1. What's the ultimate 11 for sm currently?
  2. Netherlands review next? Is that what it looks like ?
  3. Chris mepham to Bournemouth will he get a rise before the next review in like 5 months time ?
  4. If you need the outfield players and can get a decent gk yo replace duo I'd go with
  5. Questioning the same about golovin and henrichs myself very worrying
  6. Reguilon of real madrid keeping or not?
  7. Nordi mukiele or calabria ? Who's better long term?
  8. He's 23 for me that's not young, no longer youth squad
  9. Kimpembe never seen him play is he world class ? Or a one club wonder but not totti style
  10. Does anyone know how transfer work, me and another team both bid top bids for new players added to database I bid first but they get them ? Any ideas on how this is decided ?
  11. Game world code would love to join people with that dedication I've done 8 years I believe with my ajax had 70 mil when I started bow worth over 2 billion still can't win the league second loads lol
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