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  1. It's not even so much about the actual player themselves that peeve me it's more about the consistency of it all (injury wise)
  2. Appreciate the injury but when he did play he def deserved the 90 and then on the other hand you have guys like vvd that will keep their rating although they have been injured seems odd stop one going up due to injury but the other stays and doesn't drop because when they did play they did well is it not the same practically?
  3. Are these clubs finished with? As I kept Chilwell for the money to 91 but guessing that's not happening aha
  4. No rise for Harvey Barnes? Seems a tad harsh on him
  5. Honestly you need to switch road runner to lwb and peppa up the wing she's just a tad short for the back but I'd guess bags of pace and road runner would be a great lap over with the angry duck aha, also for me chewy in for jabba a bit of pace and horrific tackles flying everywhere aha nice
  6. And the 4 equate to 2 full appearances?
  7. I know this isnt the place can someone explain to me when viewing stats as In appearances e. G. 21(4) the four in brackets is subs is that on top of the 21 or included in them any help is much appreciated
  8. Appreciate the first bit, second bit uncalled for and unneeded. 33 of them wouldn't play for anyone as they are youths mainly or players less than 89 bar 1 of them so not competitive in that gameworld at all, nothing to do with competition to do with growth and money mainly everyone is welcome to bid on players that are at unmanaged clubs but I was supposed to sell to someone rather than an unmanaged team? Unfortunatley Tony blew that the way he went off, he wanted to give me declining players or terrible money so I decided to do what I did and there is nothing to stop me bidding again? Thanks
  9. Unfortunatley not however I still have a strong side if people are gold managers I'd like to welcome you to come in and beat barcelona as they are ridiculously unbeaten in 800 games and they gloat have no managers in their league (Spain) basically aha WORLD ID:18064 I'll even sell players to you to assist you aha Honestly this year on this game has made me want to leave on several occasions as I've had dms telling me I'm terrible for the worlds as I buy alot of youths but I have explained everyone has the opportunity to bid on them but this isnt acceptable also I've bought mbappe etc at like 7m sterling at like 10k back on the old days but I hog all the talent but I've held onto some them literally for the last 8 years
  10. Bully manager wouldn't be called Tony valdez by chance have these two nice gentlemen currently bad mouthing for the last 3 months now as I sold haaland to an unmanaged club opposed to them for the nothing they offered and I tried to buy him back. People don't like competition on this game its a joke aha
  11. Yeah it's difficult but I'm managing it so far aha just about lots of calculations going on
  12. Can't win the league that's why aha a lot are level ones or some have been on loans 90 rated players but trying to get to a point where they all go down aha
  13. Several need to go Neymar F de Jong Andre silva Are also on there not in the shots
  14. I'd guess one being a world cup winner still played 24 games this season and won the league again I'd guess that would have been enough considering pogba is 93 and is winning anything at club level and even Sir Rahul predicted +1 for both which says something
  15. Rough ideas of the next big 5 league to be reviewed?
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