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  1. Wondering for a second opinion on some of these higher rated but potential players rises, all answers appreciated: Naby Keita Leon Goretzka (I know he rose in May but, has really impressed me again so far this season, but maybe too soon for a +1) Alarcon Isco (For me deserved to rise in the last review, stand out performer for a underperforming Madrid team atm) Leroy Sane (Personally I don't think he deserves a rise but seen other people say he does?) Niklas Sule Tiemoue Bakayoko Andre Silva (AC Milan) Also, Apologies as I know this is a Risers thread bu
  2. Looks very likely to get a rise the next time Spain is reviewed. The only struggle he may face is when Ronaldo returns from suspension for Real Madrid, be interesting to see what Zidane does, seems to be a favourite of his though. Anyone see Isco's performance for Spain v Italy? My word, outstanding!! 1) My first instinct is I think his rating will decrease, seems to be out of favour but then surely Bayern would have sold him in the window? I'd personally wait for a little longer. 2) Great loan, should be able to get minutes there, keep an eye. 3) Was so highly rated in Brazi
  3. Completely completely agree! Eric Dier got the first team football and experience he needed to improve his game. Too many English players like you said, are sat pretty on a huge wage and not committing or experimenting to see how far they can actually progress, very frustrating! They almost feel like they don't have to work now because they've made it. Oliver Burke has just come back to England so will be interesting to see how much he has improved at Leipzig, was very good at Nottingham Forest!
  4. Gutted! Tottenham have been trying to sign him all summer but City wont sell to a fellow Premier League team. Hate to burst peoples bubble but, I really don't think he is ready yet to start at Dortmund but hopefully some game time in cup competitions etc? What do people think? But I also think this may be a stepping stone back to the Premier League. Has a hint of the Zeki Fryers about it (Went abroad from Man Utd and was bought by Tottenham for the same price 6 months later) Extremely highly rated though!
  5. Lewandowski for me. I would go fro Lukaku or Kane, expect big seasons from the both again and both at a good age. Can't see Belotti progressing much especially short term is he stays at Torino and Giminez's progress seems to have grounded a little.
  6. I watched this player when he was on loan at Swindon last season and to be honest he was head and shoulders better than any other player that was apart of that side (although was an extremely poor league one side and was only there for a short spell). He is very highly regarded around here, with a good run in the Vitesse team he will be due a big rise for sure! Long term however, attitude is a problem for him and it is very unlikely he will break in the Chelsea team, I expect him to be sold and it's hard to judge his maximum level, can't imagine very high. I have also just read somewhere that
  7. Giminez or Goretzka? I'll be getting Goretzka, thanks in advance.
  8. In respect to your comment about the English teams: To be honest mate there is almost no point in looking for young players wanted by the big clubs in England. All you'll get is a small rise when they sign and then they won't progress (majority of the time). Or be loaned out for season after season and then be sold (Look at Chelsea). With all the inflation in TV Revenue and the high demand for success amongst all teams in the top 6, they are more willing to go out and buy a £50 million player that is proven or an average player with an increased price. For example Swansea rejected a £40 m
  9. Felipe Luis and Romagnoli for Alex Sandro? I have the duo, Luis is a starter and Romagnoli is a squad player. All advice is appreciated, thank you in advance.
  10. Yeah I see where you're coming from then, seems rather easy to reach the 90/91 mark these days!
  11. Surprised you said Stones. What makes you say him? Really can't see Stones rating progressing much at the minute. Been caught out too much defensively for City and England all season and really showed his inexperience. A good run alongside someone as great as Kompany would really benefit him, but with his injuries its unlikely and City being constantly linked with centre backs will surely damage Stones chances even more! Agree with the others though.
  12. I agree with this 100%! I just don't understand how they can be so 'harsh' over certain players and leagues and then so generous in others. That's my logic behind Nainggolan in saying that, I said the same with Eriksen when Coutinho went up and that didn't happen so I wont get my hopes up! I am genuinely starting to think the wait is worse than the actual misjudgement of ratings!
  13. Be interesting to see what the do with the likes of Nainggolan, Strootman, Dzeko and Khedira in this review. D'you think age will be a factor with Khedira and Dzeko? I really hate to try second guess SM right now, especially after Balde Keita and Insigne.... Rise for Manolas?
  14. I feel like Soccer Manager are being a massive troll. People moaned about them doing the reviews of other leagues too quickly and inaccurately, so now they are doing everything at a snails pace! Still inaccurate though.
  15. Excellent read. Keep up the good work (Y)
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