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  1. 3 ... But I do not think they are finished with the Bundesliga. I hope not! I still am waiting for Marius Muller of Leipzeig to get his +3
  2. Any rise expected for Nicholas Pepe of Lille? Currently 89 and scoring goals. Last rise was Dec 1. Possible move to Premier League.
  3. It was my original plan to hang on to him. My other "future stars" who are usable at the back include: Lenglet, De Ligt, Milenkovic, Shaw, Chilwell, De Jong ...
  4. I just got a $16million offer for Militao. Non-competitive game world. He was my RB of the future. Should I take the money and run, or stick with him ? Any more rises anticipated before end of season?
  5. Luka Jovic of Frankfurt currently 88. Projected +1 rise. Second in Bundesliga scoring and looks like he is on his way to Real Madrid. +2 perhaps ?
  6. What are the rise expectations of: Loic Badiashile, GK, rated 75, now at Rennais and Benoit Badiashile, D, rated 73, at Monaco. (+9 projected?) cheers
  7. Sorry for the Left vs Right back mix-up on my previous post. I actually have them sorted correctly. I was looking at an upside-down line-up hah! Thank you so muck for the input. I'm building a team for the future and your views and opinions help immensely
  8. Hello Gentlemen. Some advice please: Who in each of these pairings would you keep as long-term players, destined for greatness ? LB Milenkovic vs Militao ? RB Shaw or Chilwell ? AM Haevertz or Pepe or Sancho ? FC Piatek or Rodrygo ? Thank you in advance!
  9. The ability to loan out players is based on their rating, not position. Your chairman will not allow you to loan out any of your top 23 players (approx) on your squad based on their rating. Go to your squad page, sort by rating, (highest to lowest), and count own the list 23 or so players. Those are the ones, and those rated lower, who you should be able to loan out.
  10. I am nearly certain Luke Shaw of Man Utd gets his +1at year's end to take him from 89 to up 90. He's currently $12 million in my game world. Are there other young LB players you see out there of comparable value? Cheers
  11. Christian Stuani, rated 90, got a +2 in December. He's 3rd in scoring in La Liga for Girona. Is he due another rise by end of year ?
  12. I would appreciate people's thoughts on these young left backs ... (Which is the pick of the lot, best potential for future?) Davide Calabria, Milan, 22 yrs, rated 88 Alex Grimaldo, Benfica, 23 yrs, rated 88 (+1 expected shortly) Ben Chilwell, Leicester, 22 yrs, rated 88 Cheers!
  13. Will Matteo Guendouzi of Arsenal (who rose +3 to 83 in December) see another rise by end of season ? Cheers for your thoughts
  14. Congratulations on a great thread, TMCosta ! I'm putting all your amazing work to good use. I truly appreciate the time and effort your put into it, and it's good to see threads like this helping keep up the interest in SM Cheers!
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