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  1. Ms.DianaWelch

    Traveling Soon!

    I think I have found the perfect harness for my dog. I came across with this dog harness when I was searching the net. It also offers sizes for medium to large sized breeds Has anyone of you tried this brand?
  2. Ms.DianaWelch

    Traveling Soon!

    Guys, I just want to share my excitement. We are going to travel next month and I'm gonna bring my big Buddy. He is a Golden Retriever. I just wish everyone will fit in the car. LOL. Anyway, I'm looking for a harness for my dog. Can you recommend me a good brand? I kept on buying new ones for him because the harnesses keep on snapping. I hope I'll be able a more durable one. Any suggestions?
  3. Ms.DianaWelch

    Hi guys

    Hi there! Anything new?