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  1. Re: Wc10610 take a look Cheers for the heads up on this one but really depends if I'm in on time tomorrow to get a decent team, got enough Anderlechts, etc. atm
  2. Re: English Championship 7484 (First 5 Division EC) I have to say I agree with the comment regarding who joins the forum straight after joining the game? The highlighted areas make no sense to me and the fact he is already on his THIRD club after FOUR games, in which the previous two teams were filled with over-aged players does suggest the guys which 'picked him out' certainly know they are talking about, not sure we are in a position to disagree with them tbh, they seem more keyed up than I on this guy.
  3. Re: Who Deserves Golden Boy Trophy? Balo. or Wilshere? I am bored of reading a lot of posters, especially Scottish and German taking cheap shots at the English National team and turning every thread into an England debate. This subject had absolutely nothing to do with this so maybe you are addressing the wrong person? Read through the physical threats and abuse. No offence but what I said was probably one of the lesser things said so for you to pick me up on that in is... (if I put the most appropriate word here I'll get an infraction) I suppose physical threats is fine though and deserves no comment, joke.
  4. Re: Adding (Rising) Midfield Talent... A hint regarding squad size limits of 21. If you buy a real-life player from that club then sell him back to his real club after the 10wk transfer ban is up you can raise the squad size to 22 yourself and bid on these players. Just requires waiting a few weeks.
  5. Re: How many infractions does it take before someone is removed?
  6. Re: How many infractions does it take before someone is removed?
  7. Re: How many infractions does it take before someone is removed? I'm pathetic? What for wanting explanations/answers? So this isn't pathetic: boasting about all your fights, all your infractions. You don't act like you're 22, I seriously doubt a lot of what you proclaim as you act like an over-grown kid who does nothing but bully and abuse people but that is what you are isn't it, A Bully. You even had a pop at the teams I support?! I mean c'mon are we back in the school-yard? It's been over 10 years since I heard such immature rubbish. I don't know what your issue is, some built up frustration, anger or inferiority complex but you need to control it. And yes exactly it's Xmas! Is it just me or am I missing something with that? You say you have all those things in your life yet you needed to resort to that. Get your priorities right! I'm done responding to you, this thread wasn't designed as another arena for you to abuse people. I suspect you have been highly successful in that past-time but I can guarantee I will not be Intimated by a bully. So to the people of rational thinking, I would like to understand the infraction system better and how it works and yes how the hell someone like that is even allowed to write another word!
  8. I've recently been involved in a heated exchange and it has raised a lot of uncomfortable questions I feel about this forum and how it is moderated. I won't go into the details as I'm sure the parties which need to be notified have been but I do have a few questions... Firstly, how many infractions are members of this forum allowed to attain before some kind of serious action is taken, if there is any limit, i.e. suspension or any other form of punishment? (I don't want this to become about effectiveness of suspension as I think we can all appreciate this is questionable) Are physical threats of violence punished purely by this seemingly deficient infraction system? I would have assumed being a rational human-being that lives in a reasonable society which has zero tolerance to such behaviour that surely such behaviour needs to be met with zero tolerance on these forums also? If not why not? And finally what is the relationship between the Moderator and general forum members? There certainly seems to be a degree of favouritism from my limited experience on this forum. Maybe it's unrealistic/wrong to expect moderators not to have friendships with 'normal' members but how can we expect a totally unbiased approach if this is the case? What if these 'normal' members 'play up', how do their friends in positions of some kind of authority respond? (I appreciate that this does not apply to vast majority of people included within this, hence why they are so valued by the forum but there are always exceptions in anything) I don't expect my opinions to be met with open arms but an example I've seen to back up my thoughts is a Moderator criticising a member of the forum for touching upon someone else's dyslexia (just a passing mention) fair enough you might think but when the dyslexia was apparent in a barrage of abuse aimed at another member, surely the dyslexia becomes a bit more of a mute point? I was perplexed by the reaction but have since been notified as to the relationship between perpetrator and moderator and then all became disappointingly clear. I'm not on any kind of witch-hunt but would appreciate an explanation regarding these issues. To my knowledge, a member who has made threats of physical violence is still 'laughing' on the forum, seemingly without a care in the world. I think it's fair to say I am lacking a certain degree of confidence in this forum and would like to think despite a few heated debates here and there, that I have contributed to, it is apparent my activity is largely spent within the Player Assistance and Gameworld Sections, so from that alone I hope my motives within the forum is clear. Thank you for reading and any thoughts you may leave on this sensitive issue.
  9. Re: Sahin! If you're getting Sahin I wouldn't think twice about it, great young talent who will only rise (I strongly believe he will be 91 in at least 6 months time) Luisao won't be rising beyond 91, dare I say, ever. You've got great cover in defence so can afford to let him go regardless.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I personally think that is a decent deal for Sneijder who isn't hitting the same heights as last season with Inter. Everyone knows about Bale whilst Alonso IMO is the best DM in the world, along with maybe Essien. If you don't have much depth to your midfield/LB positions it makes the deal even better. Wouldn't normally suggest letting Sneijder go but that really is a decent offer.
  11. Re: Who Deserves Golden Boy Trophy? Balo. or Wilshere? Ha! expect no less.
  12. Re: Who Deserves Golden Boy Trophy? Balo. or Wilshere? Mr Moderator are personal threats deemed acceptable too Boo hoo I disagreed with you now you've resorted to personal threats, I'm sure your parents are proud. EDIT: How the hell are you allowed on the forums with 14 infractions and surely this in itself shows where the problem lies.
  13. Re: Who Deserves Golden Boy Trophy? Balo. or Wilshere? You do realise you are talking about a personal insult being mis-spelt due to dyslexia? Surely the dyslexia comments are mute in this context?
  14. Re: Who Deserves Golden Boy Trophy? Balo. or Wilshere? Grow up kid, it's time and stop living in the past, the football career wasn't meant to be!
  15. Re: Who Deserves Golden Boy Trophy? Balo. or Wilshere? Success is relative (we beat Leeds last season btw) I might take offence if I knew what a 'weido' is.
  16. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Lets not go over the top hey? I think the subject of 'Balotelli' deserves more caution than numbers like that to be banded about. Can't see him getting such a rating at City any time soon either (although I'm not sure I see his long-term future there anyway but I'm not sure I can see it at any club atm though)
  17. Re: Who Deserves Golden Boy Trophy? Balo. or Wilshere? Lol hit a nerve? Slightly personal too... Exeter have been highly successful thank you very much (look up the last three seasons ) so whether you played in an academy or made the Scottish national team (not a big difference mind you) you've shown you don't really know what you're talking about yet again. I'd pick you up on more but we are going well off topic here and tbh err why do I need to justify anything to you? So I'll leave it there regarding my autobiography on this thread ta.
  18. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Balotelli needs some big changes to occur to his attitude before any rise can be considered. I would suggest you can do a better deal involving Ronaldinho. I agree regarding getting rid of Simao too, what kind of deal again depends on the nature of the set-up.
  19. Re: Who Deserves Golden Boy Trophy? Balo. or Wilshere? When you are a member of a group called 'I hate the England National Team' and you feel the urge to talk about England in an absolutely and totally unrelated subject I think it's fair for people to question your motives. 1) Think that says more about you and your football knowledge/coverage up there in Scotland than Wilshere 2) You have a very simplistic view of football don't you? Does it go something like: free-kick, ball kicked hard, very good goal, great player, turn any team into world cup champions 3) Don't think I need to comment on this, think you've shown your maturity aptly. It's probably just as well you are from a great footballing nation otherwise there'd be a sense of irony to your comments, oh... wait...
  20. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Lol yeah not exactly balanced. Welcome to WC10000 and division two (although I'm pretty new myself )
  21. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Yeah from that list I'd definitely keep hold of Suarez and Chamakh. Vucinic to a lesser extent for now, whilst I agree Klose and Gilardino are the two you should be looking at replacing.
  22. Re: Respuesta: Who should I sell from my team?
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