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  1. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread I would like the ability to change the name and perhaps the picture of a teams stadium in a data pack. I would say change the capacity too, but that just might be abused, and it might mess with the finances.
  2. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Thanks Jimmy, hopefully it proves useful
  3. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Hey guys I have created a summary thread for all of these ideas, so we can keep track. I have omitted some ideas, namely the ones which have since been implemented in the game, and those that didn't get support from others. Here is the link: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=120288 If anyone brings up an old idea thats already been mentioned in here, I will add to the tally and show how popular the idea is, in here. But to save clogging up the thread with my posts, I will delete old ones.
  4. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread 2 things! Firstly, is it me or is the contracts running out a little redundant? Should we have it where if you let them run out, they can leave on a free? They get transfer listed for their value? I know Jimmy and other massive squad people would hate that, imagine going through all your players to check their contracts! But it gives us a little more of a challenge to keep an eye on them. Secondly, I am so tempted to summarise some of these changes so if someone from soccermanager pops their head in, they can see instantly what we have discussed. Maybe put n
  5. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Just a thought. If the admins are going to take this thread into consideration, wouldn't it be easier to read if someone was keeping a simplified list of all the ideas, and how popular they are? I am thinking they would be more likely to pay attention if they didn't have to sift through pages of us discussing and debating idea (as much as thats interesting and productive).
  6. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Haha yeah mine is constantly off. I didn't mind friends messaging me, a few of my real life friends would use it a lot, but then randoms messaged me, not always coherently, and that put me off. They should at least have a setting for friends only or something
  7. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Just a random thought that popped into my head....and I known there would be a lot of people against this...but when a player from an unmanaged or external club (or for that matter a free agent), and he has more than one club bidding for him....perhaps he doesn't automatically go to the highest bidder. It would be good to have an element of personal preference of the new club, not always, because I know that in the real world more often than not the highest bidder wins. But with this way, having more cash than your bidding rival would not be guarenteed to land
  8. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread ARGH I THOUGHT that was the case, I had a memory blank and thought they drew! I should have researched it first
  9. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Can't believe I have forgotton to add this one, but why is new Zealand STILL not in the world cup?? I thought getting into it for real and then being the only unbeaten team besides spain, would be enough!
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