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  1. Re: JAVA Development: Who else played Championship Manager in early 90s' and adored i I never played them games, but I am assuming you are referring to bars that show dominance in different areas, for example possession, shots etc, with a bigger proportion of the bar going to the more dominant team in that area? If so, yes that would be helpful, then you can narrow down more where your team performed badly and what parts were successful.
  2. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread I would like the ability to change the name and perhaps the picture of a teams stadium in a data pack. I would say change the capacity too, but that just might be abused, and it might mess with the finances.
  3. Re: SM Credits It will be a bug I imagine, I am sure they will have it fixed for tomorrow
  4. Re: Equal bids for a player - What Happens I will have to watch my new custom league then. 2 of my friends has bid the exact same amount on a player too.
  5. Re: Daily Logging in Points Yeah I had that happen to me today too. Its probably some bug which will be cleared up for tomorrow.
  6. Re: Match Reports Missing? No biggie to me. Its just one extra click to get to it. And to me I like the new looks, and the commentry has improved.
  7. Re: Finances I think there needs to be a change. Too much money is floating about. In the past I would join a club often based on how much cash it has that I can spend. I just recently joined Arsenal who have 550million, which is the highest I have ever had. I have had an offer come in for Pique, 80mil. Highest offer I have ever had. But because I have so much money already, I have declined it, its in my best interests to keep him. I would rather go back to having 100 odd million maximum, making money like that worth more. After all, the best managers are ment to spend their cash wisely. Sure, wise P/E's add to the game too, but I feel like taking one way of proving how good you are, can't be good for the game.
  8. Re: Add Albanian league at SM I just checked the team database. They have 15 teams on there, 4 of the 6 you mentioned. So they could definitly do it!
  9. Re: Fixing the automatic log outs and language changes It was minor for me up until yesterday, now its doing it as much as half a dozen times in a couple of hours. The logging out thing, the language change has only happened once. But its super annoying when I am trying to find a bunch of players from my data pack in the search function!
  10. Re: Transfers... when do decisions get made It depends on a couple of things. Firstly, is the other team(s) managed by a human? If so, then you will hear whenever they can be bothered replying. Some of us don't even see the offer. If you don't hear in 14 days (I think) it gets automatically rejected. If the club is unmanaged, the chairman makes a decision after about a day I think, UNLESS further bids come in, in that time, which seems to delay it by about another day, from the last bid. Also, and this probably isn't applicable to your transfers, but if the player has been transfer listed due to concerns, you wont hear for about a week I think. Thats probably to let everyone have a go at trying to buy him.
  11. Re: Is This A Joke? I might have had some success. In one of my customs, I stupidly let a multi accounter in, with 2 of his accounts. Not sure how I managed to miss it but I did. Anyway this guy in his defense hasn't been transfering with himself as yet. Regardless, I decided to use the in game system to report him. Usually I immediatly get a message that there is no evidence and the matter wont be taken further. But this time I got a message that SM will look into it and get back to me. Is this just to make it look like they are doing something? Or are we seeing a change in regards to the cheating?
  12. Re: 2012 Olympic Football Predict - Discussion Thread Hey guys. I have briefly read a few of the prediction threads to get the hang of the rules. With this one is there a limit on participants? Can anyone join as long as they submit their results in time?
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