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  1. I think Dybala will be a 95 rated player in a couple of years time but Hazard is already there & i think he'll be off to Real Madrid in the summer so could rise even higher still..... I'd swap
  2. I think Isco will get a +1 in the next review & if not he surely must by the end of the season. As for Mendy, if you think you can sell him without anybody else buying him then cash in now & buy back for cheaper in a couple of months. Or sell him for about 18m & buy someone like Hysaj for 16m, who may get a +1 soon...
  3. Keiran Trippier Harry Winks Declan Rice Philip Billing
  4. A few 21y.o defenders who i don't think have been mentioned on here that i think will get rises next time & double their values... 83 rated- Pascal Stenzel, 2.6m Freiburg 82 rated- Vukasin Jovanovic, 2.0m Bordeaux 82 rated- Lukas Klostermann, 2.6m Leipzig
  5. Sorry for the above post with no content, think it's from the last time i was going to reply to a apost but then didn't for some reason lol. Anyway, i was wondering what peoples thoughts are on Hachim Mastour. Had him in squads for ages but i'm now not sure if he will ever progress....
  6. Mawson, Upamecano, Sanchez, Kimpembe, Holgate, Bernardo & Keane will all rise again in the not too distant future....
  7. I thought Gimenez would've been a cert to have risen to at least 91 by now but he had a strange season, in which he lost his place as an automatic starter behind Stefan Savic- who would have predicted that! He may now need a move to get regular playing time & re-establish himself as a potentially great CB. Recent reports suggest Man Utd & Arsenal have been monitoring his situation...
  8. I got De Ligt for 240k- probably my best buy of the last 12 months, although Gnabry was quite good for 2.1m... I agree with other people on here that Victor Jensen is a good prospect & i think Jean-victor Makengo is a good investment having just signed for Nice.
  9. Pleased that i signed Sandro for 20m yesterday...
  10. I've made an offer for Sandro in the hope that he gets a +1 this week! He must get it, surely.....?!
  11. Thinking of buying Ante Coric as Croatian league could be reviewed soon. I also feel he could be the next star from Croatia, what are people's thoughts pls?
  12. Hi, I made an offer to another manager for Alaba & they have made a counter offer. They want 20m + Roberto + Insigne. I'm tempted now it looks as though Insigne didn't get a +1.... What are your thoughts please?
  13. Hi all, i'm tempted to swap Tolisso & Andre Silva for Pjanic in the hope of Pjanic getting a +1 by the weekend. Would this be a good move?
  14. A decent young prospect. I picked him up for 120k last year & he got a +6 in feb. Now worth 700k & a good prospect for the future.
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