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    Keiran Trippier
    Harry Winks
    Declan Rice
    Philip Billing
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    I would give up on him tbh. Perfect example of how a good freestyler doesnt necessarily translate to a good player. Still worth a lot of money surpirisingly too; 2 mil in my game world.
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    Mawson, Upamecano, Sanchez, Kimpembe, Holgate, Bernardo & Keane will all rise again in the not too distant future....
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    I have GIMENEZ & DE VRIJ (90) based on the assumption that they will both rise.
    GIMENEZ seems like a cert IMO, DE VRIJ would need a year free from injury + a good season with Lazio/transfer to a big club to get his.
    IMO CB rises seem more open and less predictable than the other outfield positions. They tend to develop (and get rises) at slightly older ages, many make the 89 mark as a result of hype but linger there for ages without making that final leap, there are fewer 90/91/92 to choose from and many CBs can make huge rises over a short period of time (from obscurity to world beater)...just look at LINDELOF...80 to 89 in less than a year.
    I wonder if this is due to the lack of statistics to identify and appraise CBs. With (for example) strikers, it is easy. Goals, Assist, shots on target. This makes it relatively easy to identify a rising talent. What stats are there for CBs? Goals conceded maybe? Even then it reflects the team rather than an individual player. 
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    I got De Ligt for 240k- probably my best buy of the last 12 months, although Gnabry was quite good for 2.1m... I agree with other people on here that Victor Jensen is a good prospect & i think Jean-victor Makengo is a good investment having just signed for Nice.
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    Yeah...I guess, but the hype can only last so long. Eventually a player has to actually put some of that 'hype' into practise, or be written off as a 'could have been'.
    I am going to go off on a bit of an opinionated, ill-informed rant here...but I think LEE was kind of doomed to fail. Barca's La Masia is tipped as 'the place' for developing youth talent...and developing superstars. MESSI, XAVI, INESTA, FABREGAS...etc. But...part of me thinks that it was just Pep's willingness to promote from the B team during his tenure. It was somewhat of a 'golden era'. With the current MSN front line of Barca,,,there seems to be no room to promote from the B team...and I have seen a complete lack of willingness to give LEE a proper shot in the first team. One only has to look at his age of 19 (not 18 or 17) and the fact that there is talk of him going out on loan...to realise that the initial hype has been misplaced. I am beginning to think that he will go the way of M. ODEGAARD with Real. A promising youngster, who transferred to a club that that had no practical use for him. La Masia is only great...if it, or someone, actually uses the greatness that it hones.
    IMO...clubs like Ajax and Monaco are far more promising their youth system, based solely on the fact that they are using and promoting the youth talent within their ranks. I was lucky enough to sign DE LIGT when he was 16, after reading a blog post about him. Now look at him! His international country performances aside he is starting most of their first team games now (including the big ones)...and has started for them in the Europa cup final! He is only 17! Barca would never do that now, even with their cherished La Masia and for this reason,  I think that La Masia may be dead.
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    With regards to @hoochy koochy's post, I agree that this has become a catch-all thread for deals, buy/sell/keep and new players etc. I can understand why people would post questions that are unrelated to risers on here because there are very few active threads on the forum. That being said, I agree with @Hail Mary that many of the buy/sell/keep questions can be answered with just a little research and digging especially when it comes to the players rated 82 and above. For players rated below that, I think that having the opinion of forumers who know certain leagues well is very useful since videos and stats never tell the full story. @thorgan lesar for Belgium, @Lucas Fiorino for Argentina, @Der Chefscout for Germany and so on and so forth. 
    Recently, I think there have been too many arguments on this thread. All the infighting and disagreements has left a bad taste in my mouth. It's the Internet, where everybody has their own opinion. Too many people have been forceful about their opinion on here. Having a different opinion doesn't mean you get to insist upon yours. Especially when it comes to rating predictions where none of us even know for sure whether we are right. As @Hfazil likes to reiterate, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to rating predictions especially when we're dealing with highly rated players.
    Having picked up a summer job, it hasn't been possible to be as active on the forum as before. Hence, explaining the absence of new lists of risers. That along with the fact that players, managers and even SM are on holiday right now could explain the low levels of activity on the forum. For now, I hope to still be able to carve out time to answer the various questions posted and to maybe pick up where I left off or to try out something new.
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    Pleased that i signed Sandro for 20m yesterday...
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    I probably wouldn't offer so much cash but if cash is insignificant in your gw, i'd say it's a fair deal
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    I don't think he'll get a +1 but I would still get Pjanic
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    A decent young prospect. I picked him up for 120k last year & he got a +6 in feb. Now worth 700k & a good prospect for the future.
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