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  1. Hey guys, Started a Custom GW with friends and friends of friends. Only a coule days old but i forgot to put it to open to allow manager to come in. Looking for active manager to take over teams. Its just an English league most teams still up for grabs. Biggest team being Man City. Season starts this weekend so come and join and stay active. ID:37668079 Thank you
  2. Natmus

    New Team

    Hey all, Just started a league with friends and i am playing as man united. Would like some help on who you recommend to sell or buy in a start up league. Any help would be great! Thank you
  3. Hey all, Use to play this game about 8 years ago with friends from school. Started playing again and now have created a new game world. I have some teams taken up by friends and family and co workers. But of course plenty other teams out there to manage. The settings are just a regular English world set up. So far the only teams i have locked in by people going to join are the top 6 from 2016/17 season so the likes of Everton all the way down to bottom division are for the picking. i am resevering teams requested by friend and co workers this week still but i figured i would offer
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