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  1. Re: JUVENTUS rating prediction ! A way too optimistic ... but u got the idea
  2. Hi, I manage a barca for 3 seasons now. My best players all got 100% morale as I always resign 5 years contracts. 2-3 days ago, all my players dropped to 85 ... stupid ! Do you know why ? Did you experience such a thing? ty
  3. Re: the worlds best striker Ibrahimovic
  4. Re: WC Friendly Yes we have to test one by one, so let's test ith man behind ball only next time.
  5. Re: Joshpez1997's soccermanager guide for football/Soccer All you said is right. But you should know that it does not work like this in SM. For example Roberto Carlos is not going to score more than Evra, even if in real life RC is shooting more often. There is no big secret in SM, there is no hidden stats, only the rating is taken into account in an algoritm that calculates final result. Beckham does not scores a lot of freekicks, etc ...
  6. Re: WC Friendly Yes sorry Kid, I was very late today
  7. Re: WC Friendly Hi kid, I accepted the friendly and will go for 442 normal. Go for 442 man behind the ball
  8. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1 What do you guys think about Rever ? He was a big riser last time, but is it still worth keeping him, as he does not seem to be moving to europe soon ?? ty
  9. Re: Brazil changes Ok but, why is Brazil in section 1 then ? Will they change all section 1 again or just Brazil ? Looks strange to me ...
  10. Section 1 is done, However Brazilian players did not change. When will this happen ? Thank you
  11. Re: NEW GAMEWORLD - simple idea Can I manage Barcelona ? I the team of Messi is too big, then I will take Barcelona SC, ecuador
  12. Re: NEW GAMEWORLD - simple idea Hi mate, I am interested, but this is what I suggest: - All teams should have more or less the same stadium - All teams should have more or less the same starting budget - The total value of the players in the teams should be more or less equal What do u think ?
  13. Re: WC Friendly Ok I accepted the game on sunday. Let's do that
  14. Re: 4x4 Big Leagues Set-Up Match Reports and Transfer News. Hi, and thx darren for inviting me. I am the manager of Chelsea, and I dislike chelsea Forwards
  15. Re: WC Friendly WHO IS NAPOLI AND BETIS MANAGERS ? Yes kid, we are done with this first test, we got 3 times exactly the same numbers. What do u want to test next ?
  16. Re: WC Friendly Hey kid, Paladin and his friend will do the same (with 442), so I suggest we go straight for 451. So I go for 451 slow tempo, short passing and you go for 451 normal.
  17. Re: New Set-Up Apply Here - Forum Only I am studying abroad in Peru, so it will be ready when I wake up sounds good
  18. Re: New Set-Up Apply Here - Forum Only is the setup nearly ready ? I just sent you a msg darren, my SM name is Luis Delgado (Chelsea) Let's have fun !
  19. Re: Job for life thread I thought that the purpose of this league was to manage small teams and the get a better team if we are doing well ... So except for Roy, why is Barcelona, real, chelsea, ... taken ??
  20. Re: Anyone else having problems AGAIN?? Me too ... cannot connect
  21. blabla


    There is currently a problem connecting to the soccermanager.com website, please ... I cannot connect to any of my teams because : There is currently a problem connecting to the soccermanager.com website, please check back later. Ok I will check back after tonight games ... No seriously how do I fix my teams ???
  22. Re: Job For Life is made pick a team Can I have Everton please ? SM name: Luis delgado, I add you as a friend
  23. Re: WC Friendly ok kid let us do the man behind ball only. After I am thinking about doing the same with differen tactics like this: ME: 433 or 352 with short passing, slow tempo YOU: 433 or 352 normal Just to confirm the previous results ... Do you agree ?
  24. Re: Will people start to hate Real Madrid? Then everybody should hate English teams ... I mean EPL weak team buy players in Brazil, Argentina, weaker european teams ... They bid 10m and that's it. So maybe MU or Milan fans will hate Madrid, because they are jealous, but all the others that understood money is the most important factor in soccer will just enjoy watching Ronaldo playing with Kaka
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